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No More Hot & Cold Zones, Dust, or Energy Waste!

Signs that duct repair and redesign may be a great idea for your home:

  • You experience hot and cool zones, or rooms, on the same thermostat
  • Your return vents are not as numerous as supply vents
  • The home has excess dust
  • The heating and AC systems just run and run in an attempt to maintain comfort
  • Your system cycles on and off repeatedly.

Consider these facts and figures that apply to your home:

  • Statistics from the U.S. Dept of Energy state that the average American home wastes 30% of its AC and heat through duct leakage!
  • Said another way, about 1/3rd of your AC and furnace capacity is never utilized to heat and cool your home (if your home is average). Conditioned air exits through duct leaks before reaching the living spaces.
  • Take a guess at the amount of your monthly utility bills that is dedicated to heating and cooling your home. Now, take 30% of that figure. You start to see how important duct repair and redesign really is.
  • In a new construction, residential HVAC crew, the lowest paid guy is the person installing ducts. It’s entry-level work, easily prone to neglect. Odds are, they messed up your ducts somewhere.
  • In summer, the hottest area of your home is the apex of your attic. Despite this fact, HVAC guys like to suspend your fragile duct system right under the roof deck, where it’s 140 degrees or more. Does that sound like poor design to you?
  • Speaking of design, for every 90-degree bend in a duct, it’s equal to adding another 10 feet to duct length, and has a negative, detrimental effect on airflow through that pipe to your ceiling vent.

When it Comes to Duct Repair and Redesign, Bird Family Insulation is Different.

Our Decatur insulation pros are solution-driven, not product-driven. In other words, we don’t have a warehouse of products we’re trying to move, with salesmen on quotas trying to sell you the highest margin equipment and services.

Here is the SECRET: Sealing ducts, redesigning ducts and repairing ducts is messy, tedious and dirty work. Your ducts are located in hot attic spaces or damp, dark and cramped crawlspaces. It’s what we do, so we’re set up for these projects – and usually get them done in one day!

Diagnosing inferior duct design and airflow takes a creative, innovative mindset. We need specialized tools. We have conversations and ask inductive questions with the occupants. Our Decatur duct service pros study the house orientation on your site, and may recommend simple experiments that you can perform while we zero-in on the exact remedy.

Tools we may use to evaluate ducts include:

  • Blower door
  • Duct blaster
  • Flow hood
  • Infrared camera
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Laser tapes

The bottom line for you is: We are patient with the process. We are 100% motivated to get it right for you. Take the next step today!

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