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Have you ever wondered how much it might cost to improve your comfort by an insulation project? Our team has put together a few handy calculators to do just that.

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Simple description of each service: 

Attic Bump Up *Silver: Seal accessible gaps, install rulers and baffles, install new cellulose insulation to existing insulation – to R40 or R50.

Attic Makeover *Gold: Remove existing insulation. Air seal, sanitize, install rulers, baffles, bath fan ducts, and new cellulose insulation – to R40 or R50.

Bonus Room Insulation: Install cellulose insulation into garage ceiling, (using a drill and fill method) improve sidewall (kneewall) insulation, upgrade ceiling insulation, and modify ducts as needed.

HVAC/Air Ducts: Modify ducts, seal and insulate ducts with low pressure spray foam.