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Generally speaking, in Atlanta, Georgia your attic is where you want to focus when it comes to improving the insulation in your home.

The type of attic insulation you use – and how you have it installed – will have a big effect on how successful your project is.

Here’s how Bird Family Insulation approaches our jobs:

  • Our Bird family professionals focus on value to you, the homeowner. It isn’t about selling you a lot of material that is supposed to increase insulation value. It’s about adding just the right amount of material in just the right places. With our years of experience in all types of Decatur-area homes, rest assured that we’ll provide you with the best return on your insulation investment.
  • We provide measurable results. Comfort is important, but so is saving money on your monthly utility bills. You’ll know when you compare this year’s annual bills to last year’s – Bird did the job right!
  • We pride ourselves on being thorough and efficient while at your home. Bird Family Insulation is tactical in our job planning. It is a phased operation often done in one day; we don’t stop the job so everyone can take a one-hour lunch-break at your expense! We arrive with plenty of material and technicians, completing your job quickly and cleanly. We won’t stick around for supper!

beau spraying cellulose insulation

Do you need a quick fix to improve your attic insulation? If your attic insulation is less than 12″ thick, is relatively clean and unspoiled, our R-40 or R-50 attic insulation bump up may be all you need!

During this service, we install additional all-borate cellulose insulation to your existing insulation. Surpass the local CODE Minimum Requirements (R-38) with our R-40 Upgrade!

1. Includes limited airsealing (using PestBloc expanding foam) around accessible exhaust fans, sealing small chases, and wrapping 1 hot flue pipe with a Fire Retardant blanket (as needed).
2. We will install rulers throughout the attic, so you can quickly confirm a thorough, comprehensive coverage of your new insulation!
3. We will install baffles, where needed, to correspond with your soffit vents. If you have continuous soffit ventilation, we will install 1 baffle per 10′, as needed.
4. We will install a short length of flexible duct to any unvented exhaust fan in your attic.
5. Install your fresh, new all-borate cellulose insulation to a final overall performance of R-40.

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Attic Insulation Atlanta BG

Have you had a pest infestation in your attic? Do you need your attic cleaned, sanitized, air sealed, and reinsulated?

Then the attic makeover is for you! During this service, the insulation removed, attic-clean up, sanitized, sealed, and R-40 all-borate cellulose insulation installed.

1. Foreman “walk-through orientation” with client.
2. Protect your floors with our canvas runners.
3. Remove accessible, existing attic insulation.
a. Loosefill insulation is vacuumed into our trailers, using gas-powered 23 HP vacuums with 6″ & 4″ hoses!
b. Blanket insulation is removed and bagged by hand, and attic floor vacuumed with our gas-powered, 23 HP vacuums.
4. Apply Sanitizer.
5. Use Pest-Block expanding foam sealant to seal your attic floor and accessible gaps.
6. Install baffles, where needed, to correspond with soffit vents. If your home has continuous soffit vents, we will install baffles every 10′.
7. Install rulers throughout your attic, so you can quickly confirm a thorough, comprehensive coverage of fresh insulation throughout your attic.
8. Any hot flue passing through your attic floor, we wrap it with a protective Fire-Retardant blanket, to isolate your cellulose insulation from contact with the hot flue pipe. (Usually a code requirement, for any type of insulation product).
9. Install a short length of flexible duct to any unvented exhaust fan, and direct the exhaust to an existing source of attic ventilation.
10. Using our water-sleeve & high pressure pump, Install your fresh, new, high-performance all-borate cellulose insulation to a guaranteed performance of R-40, (12″)!

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R-50 cellulose attic insulation upgrade, with spray foam insulation applied to air ducts!

For those of you desperate to get comfortable, you need to focus on your HVAC and insulation working together!

Our shade tree special gives you colder air flow in the summer, and warmer air flow in the winter. This is achieved by sealing and insulating your ducts with spray foam insulation. We keep your rooms comfortable by installing high performance cellulose insulation above your ceilings.

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How Proper Insulation Can Improve Your Indoor Comfort

Is your house not getting cool enough during the summer or losing too much heat during the winter? Most people attribute these things to a faulty HVAC unit, but you might be surprised to learn that one of the leading contributors to reduced energy efficiency is actually related to not having proper home insulation. If the insulation in your home isn’t adequate, the air you are spending money to heat or cool will escape (usually through the attic). You might as well be tossing money out the window! Most homeowners will save an average of about 20% on their monthly energy bills by installing proper insulation in their homes, making the cost of the insulation installation eventually pay for itself.

Read more about our recent projects:

Totally exceeded our expectations!  Our home has some unique needs due to its age and the fact that it has been added on to a couple of times.  Bird Family Insulation advised us not on product approach but consultative approach of the best way to handle different parts of the home to achieve the best outcome.  They can handle anything, but most importantly they are utmost professional and do what they say and great communicators in the process as well  They will be the only people to touch our home when it comes to insulation!!

 – Steve E., Atlanta

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