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Floor Insulation in Atlanta

Maintaining Dry, Comfortable Floors All Year Round!

Many homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area do not consider their floors as an area that needs to be insulated. Walls and ceilings, sure – but floors? You’d be surprised at what 2” of closed-cell spray foam under your floors can do for home comfort and energy efficiency. Our Atlanta insulation experts highly recommend floor insulation in a variety of cases.

Here are some of the times when a homeowner needs SPRAY FOAM floor insulation:

  • There are living spaces above an unconditioned garage or carport.
  • You’re fighting high levels of indoor humidity.
  • When your house is built over a vented crawlspace.
  • Outdoor decks have been converted and enclosed into conditioned living spaces.
  • The home has cantilevered floors and/or small floors under bay window areas.
  • The house is on a system of piers and has no foundation walls.
  • There is existing fiberglass floor insulation, but it is old, ineffective, damp, and possibly harmful to occupant health due to rodent infestation

Bird Family Insulation installs spray foam insulation under floors. Our Atlanta insulation company has found this to be the only acceptable technique (compared to fiberglass batts) for rewarding our clients with a durable, lifetime insulation product that is both a thermal barrier and a moisture/air barrier! Dry wood floors are comfortable floors, year-round.

Using closed cell spray foam insulation provides these three key benefits:

  • It’s a moisture barrier.
  • It’s an air barrier.
  • It’s a thermal barrier.

You win with drier, healthier floors that aren’t negatively influenced by the damp, harmful environment beneath your home. Now, your floors are SEALED, and positively influenced by the climate-controlled environment inside your home!

You never get an excuse from Bird, only solutions. If necessary, our insulation contractors in Atlanta will put multiple foam rigs on site to expedite your project completion.

Our Atlanta floor insulation specialists have a thorough and methodical approach to insulating your floor:

  • Any mechanical systems are covered with protective poly. We don’t want overspray to find it’s way onto your furnace or water heater.
  • Floors are inspected, and we remove any existing material in a safe and thorough manner.
  • We perform a preliminary sealing of any gaps or voids where the spray foam could expand upward into your living space.
  • In case there are mold and mildew stains under any insulation we are removing, we will offer to clean it up before applying the new spray foam.
  • If we are spraying in your garage or carport, or under a deck, we use poly to drape the walls and protect against overspray.
  • Our licensed and professional technicians apply the spray foam and clean up fully before leaving your home.

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