Rebates for Atlanta, GA Residents

Saving You Money at Every Turn!

Here in Atlanta, homeowners benefit from the many incentives, including rebates that can help save on energy bills. The Bird Family Insulation team will help you qualify for the rebates, and we’ll even sit with you at the kitchen table to help fill out the paperwork! We want to make it easy to improve your home with energy-efficient upgrades.

GA Power Home Energy Rebate

Georgia Power clients receive rebate checks when choosing Bird Family Insulation! Bob, Beau and our team of Bird Family Insulation Pros have extensive training and experience in whole-house, energy and comfort upgrades. Our Atlanta insulation experts were the first insulation company in Georgia to qualify and be certified in their program (many years ago in their pilot program). Bird is the longest-running insulation company that remains active in the Georgia program! You benefit from our experience.

Georgia Power Program Contractor

Individual Improvements

With Individual Improvements you can receive up to $600 in rebates depending on the energy efficiency improvements made. For example, get up to a $150 rebate when we perform a comprehensive Home Energy Audit on your home.

Other individual rebate examples include air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation – all specialties of Bird Family Insulation! Call us today and set up an appointment!

Sawnee EMC Rebate

Are you a residential client with Sawnee EMC? Employ Bird Family Insulation to upgrade your existing attic insulation, and you may qualify for a $200 rebate from Sawnee EMC.

Receive a $100 rebate when we professionally seal your heating & air conditioning ducts! *Minimum standards apply. Bird Family Insulation does not guarantee rebates.

Jackson EMC Rebate

Are you a residential client with Jackson EMC? Bird Family Insulation is a qualified, participating contractor with Jackson EMC. Employ Bird Family Insulation to seal your HVAC ducts, seal your home (against uncontrolled air infiltration), or upgrade your attic insulation, and qualify for generous rebates from Jackson EMC!

*Minimum standards apply. Bird Family Insulation does not guarantee rebates.

Call our office today at (404) 538-9168 to learn more. Your rebates and energy savings will handle much of the repayment!

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