Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes! All of our employees speak fluent English, and all of them have English as their first language. We are all born Americans.

Our office number is 404-538-9168. You can call or text anytime. All calls are recorded. Office hours are Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5PM, and that’s when we return calls, etc. Email us at Savannah and Bob each monitor that email address for you!

Not generally; only for special cases.

We use canvas drop cloths throughout your home.

At this writing, not any BFI trucks or machines leak oil. However, if something we are driving develops a leak without us knowing it, and drips oil on your driveway, we will pay to have the small stain removed.

Yes! Each crew is fully trained, and most of our job-sites have a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified foreman managing the job for you.

Yes! Even though these men are good friends outside of BFI, we realize that it’s important for our clients to know that we have no smokers, and everyone has passed a thorough criminal background check, and drug screen.

Yes, we carry $1 million in contractor’s general liability insurance. We have workers comp insurance on everyone in our company. Our vehicles are insured with $1 million coverage. We will gladly email you a copy of our current ACCORD sheet, which outlines our insurance coverage.

    1. Call the office # (404-538-9168) to request a call from Dan. He will call you right back, and discuss your needs and give you an idea of what you can expect to spend with us.
    2. OR, you can immediately get an estimate by using our self-serve online calculators on our website! Look for the BLUE BOX with the words “Get A Quote”.
    3. If you’re comfortable with our description of services, and the estimate –You are now ready to call, email, or text and INVITE BOB to your home for an evaluation. He will measure the attic (or bonus room) and give you an actual QUOTE for the services he is proposing.
    4. While Bob is in your home, he asks for a 20% Down Payment to schedule your job. (Not ready to schedule? He will ask for a $50 Consultation Fee, that is applied toward your Down Pymt).
    5. Our Crew Arrives, and performs your services!
    You can read more here on our quote process page!

On average, we stay scheduled out about 1 week. Exceptions occur, so ask about your convenient dates!

Yes, we require a 20% down payment.

Payment is due when we present your invoice, on the day that your job is completed.

Personal checks, cash, credit cards. On qualifying jobs, we have multiple financing options. As for credit cards, we accept Master Card, Discover, Visa, & Amex.

We use your email address to send you courtesy reminders of your appointment(s). We also stay in touch, sending you an occasional announcement with regard to our services that are relevant to you. We never share our client information with anyone!

Rebate programs come-and-go, as do tax credits. For current, up-to-date information on tax credits, you need to speak to a tax preparer professional. As for rebates, they would be provided by your electric utility provider. For more current information, ask Dan or Bob when you speak to them.

We have our own trucks, insulation rigs, and men (employees). We may blend sub-contractors with our own men and equipment as we get busy. However, it’s like medicine and so many other industries – sub-contracting does not subtract from the quality of your experience with Bird Family Insulation.

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Our Simple, 4-Step Process

Here's What to Expect

We know your time is valuable so we made our quote process as easy and convenient as possible!

It goes like this:

  1. You complete your EZ online estimate
  2. Receive a follow-up call from Savannah or Dan.
  3. Schedule a site visit to evaluate your home, make adjustments to your estimate, and convert your estimate into a “Bird Family Promise” (your Quote).
  4. Schedule your project with a 20% Down Payment.
  5. Your crew arrives on the scheduled date, and we go to work for you!

Learn more about our process by clicking here.