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Bob & Debbie grew up in Forest Park, GA, where we met in high school and became sweethearts. After graduating from college, we married in 1982 and have 4 amazing, home-schooled children. Our three oldest children have married and have families. 

Now that Bob has hit 65 years, he & Debbie spend more and more time in their travel trailer, camping. Often, they will take a couple of the grand kids to make memories with – just as Bob’s parents did with our four children as they were growing up!

Beginning January 2024, Beau, Savannah, and Chris are operating the company and managing the day-to-day decisions at Bird Family Insulation full time, as Bob & Debbie spend more time traveling.

Our Story

How Did We Start Bird Family Insulation?

Bob answers the question: I get asked all the time. For Deb’s and my entire adult life, we were in the ministry. Our last place of service was the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where we operated a church and center that trained and motivated the “locals” and the migrant farm workers in the region to be more self-reliant and self-employed.

After 21 years of service, we left the vocational ministry to be home more often, giving our quickly growing children a more cohesive family. I needed more time with them. I simply was gone from home too much.

Years earlier, I had read a financial newsletter that taught me this truth: ”If you want true job security, do one of these 3 things.” One of those “3 things” was this:


So, years later, a few weeks after I had resigned from the ministry, I was in a local home improvement center, walking around, getting a little scared about income for my family. I walked past the insulation display, and that truth from the financial newsletter hit me!

I headed home, and couldn’t wait to tell Debbie and the kids. We drafted a simple flyer on our computer. We went door-to-door handing out our flyer in neighborhoods with older homes, where we knew they needed more attic insulation.

Regarding equipment – we used the small FREE MACHINE from the home center! Abbey and Beau kept the machine loaded while I was in the attic with a flashlight taped to the end of the hose and a walkie-talkie in my hip pocket. After a few short months, we had enough cash to outfit our step van with professional equipment, and we’ve never looked back.

Abbey, our first-born child, was our first office manager. She discovered ballroom dancing at Georgia Tech and married the president of the Ballroom Dancing Club there. Now they have 4 beautiful children. Abbey still refers to herself as the “First Insul-Babe” and, she’s right!

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