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At Bird Family Insulation, we are dedicated to making your home more healthy and comfortable. We know your time is valuable so we made our quote process easy and convenient!

It goes like this:

1. Call the office to set an appointment with one of our Comfort Pros!
2. Either Bob or Dan gives you a call, and together you create your estimate.
3. You reflect and decide whether or not Bird Family Insulation is right for you.
4. Site visit by Bob to confirm, schedule, and collect down payment

Let Bird Family Insulation help you with all of your insulation needs! Take advantage of our instant quote calculator to generate a price estimate in a matter of minutes!

Description of each step:

Step 1 – Your initial conversation with a comfort pro will establish if Bird Family Insulation is the right company for your project. We are experts at getting existing homes more comfortable & healthy for homeowners. We also know, after 20 years of business, when we won’t be a good fit; and the last thing our family wants to do is disappoint you.

Step 2 – From your talk with Bob or Dan, your homework is to send a few pictures of the area(s) you are needing help with. You will recieve a link to upload photos to your virtual portfolio.

Step 3 – After receiving your pictures and doing some preliminary research, Bob will give you a ballpark, high and low number for your project

Step 4 – When you’re ready to authorize and schedule your insulation project, this where Bob narrows your estimate to the penny.


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