Why Cellulose Insulation is the Best Choice for Your Attic: Eco-Friendly, High-Performance, and Safe

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If you’re looking for the best insulation option for your attic, consider our All-Borate, Cellulose Insulation. Made from recycled paper, cellulose insulation provides excellent thermal performance, is environmentally friendly, and offers a host of other benefits every homeowner should know!

Here are Five Benefits of Cellulose Attic Insulation:

  • Extreme High-Performance: The high performance of stabilized cellulose insulation is the number one benefit I list for homeowners! Here’s why:
    • With a higher R-value per inch than many other types of insulation, cellulose attic insulation can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, reducing your energy bills and improving your comfort. 
    • Cellulose attic insulation has the HIGHEST DENSITY of any loose-fill attic insulation. This density is your best friend when it comes to stopping the uncontrolled air infiltration currently trespassing between your dusty, humid attic and your interior living spaces. My son Chris likes to tell homeowners to think of density like this: “Our cellulose insulates your ceilings like a wool Army blanket. Fiberglass insulation behaves like a porous Afghan blanket! Which would you prefer on a cold winter night?
    • We only install stabilized cellulose attic insulation. Meaning: We add a tiny amount of moisture to the cellulose as it is stirred in the hopper before getting blown through our hose and into your attic. Moisture converts the wheat starch into a glue-like substance that literally binds the cellulose fibers together to create a high-performance, monolithic thermal blanket over your entire attic floor! (The tiny amount of moisture evaporates in about 48 hours or less due to your ventilated attic!) 
      • HINT: This is why adding a few inches of stabilized cellulose insulation rewards you with exponential results when we install it on top of your old, tired, “leaky” fiberglass insulation! (This is our Bump-Up Service and accounts for 40% of all our business).
  • Environmentally friendly: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper and light-weight consumer cardboard, making it an eco-friendly option for insulation. It also helps to reduce waste and carbon emissions by recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Additionally, cellulose attic insulation has the lowest amount of embodied energy when compared to fiberglass, mineral wool, and spray foam insulation products. Embodied energy is a measurement of the energy required to produce the insulation material.  All of the experts agree: Cellulose attic insulation is the greenest of green!
  • Fire-resistant: Our all-borate cellulose insulation is treated with boric acid, making it more resistant to fire than some other types of insulation. This can provide an extra layer of protection for your home and your family. In fact, tests have shown that homes insulated with cellulose insulation may add an average of 25 additional minutes of exit time for a family to escape a house fire, when compared to the same house insulated with fiberglass insulation.  See https://youtu.be/bIayU7N9e34
  • Pest control: Cellulose insulation is treated with borate, a natural pest control that helps to repel rodents and insects. In fact, boric acid kills insects and is a popular exterminators treatment for homes and kitchens, etc.  We’ll turn your attic into the “Dead Sea” with our all-borate cellulose attic insulation!
  • Sound insulation: Due in part to it’s high density, cellulose attic insulation can help to reduce sound transmission between rooms, making it a good choice for homes located near busy roads or other sources of noise. Our clients most frequent comment is, “The house seems quieter!” That’s because it is.

A Big Reason Why Bird Family Insulation is so Successful

If you’re considering installing cellulose insulation in your attic, it’s important to work with a professional insulation contractor who has experience with this type of insulation.  Is that really important? After all, don’t you just “blow the insulation up there” in the attic? Sadly, some companies take that attitude. We do not.

Will you please do me a very BIG favor?

If you are buying a cellulose attic insulation upgrade from an installer who primarily specializes in fiberglass insulation, DON’T.

I can’t believe I’m saying this!

I’d rather that you spend your money on a fiberglass insulation upgrade for your attic, than risk a horrible dusty, smelly experience with a company and a crew who don’t care to go the 2nd mile to do this right.

Homeowners who don’t choose the Bird Family for their cellulose attic upgrade,  open themselves up to TWO BIG RISKS:

  1. Ammonia odor. Cellulose manufacturers have two popular ways to meet the EPA guidelines for fire retardant insulation: Ammonium Sulfate, and Boric Acid. The most cost-effective process is to add ammonium sulfate to the cellulose as it is being recycled and packaged as insulation.  However, there is a risk that when installed as stabilized insulation, the pH of the water will “unlock” the ammonia molecule and create an annoying odor. This temporary odor isn’t such a big deal in a vented attic – but it can be a problem for homeowners with sensitivities. Trust me, I had a Tucker-area couple who complained of the odor in the early years of our business, before I knew of the all-borate formula.
  2. Dust. You haven’t seen dust until you experience cellulose attic insulation being installed without moisture. It’s a huge mess! Adding moisture to cellulose insulation is imperative for a proper professional installation. 
    1. As I’ve already mentioned, the moisture converts the wheat starch into a glue-like substance, which “locks” the fibers together into a monolithic thermal blanket in your attic.
    2. No dust. It’s wonderful and easy to install stabilized (moistened) cellulose insulation! And it leaves your freshly insulated attic looking beautiful.

The Famous “Boring” Bird Family Promise

At Bird Family Insulation the only cellulose we install is All-Borate Cellulose Attic Insulation, and we always install it moistened, (stabilized).

That is our promise to you. And here is your biggest reward from my promise: You have NO DRAMA. 

You’re not going to have an annoying ammonia smell, and you’re not going to have a dust-storm in your attic. Due in part because my family has installed over 6 Million Pounds of cellulose attic insulation, it’s actually boring on your job day! 

I’m betting you’re ready for a boring, no-drama experience from a contractor working on your home.

Overall, cellulose attic insulation is the best choice for homeowners who want an eco-friendly, high-performance, and safe insulation option. With its many benefits, it’s definitely worth considering for your attic insulation upgrade.

Ready for an instant, online estimate to have this amazing insulation experience for your attic? Click here, answer the questions, and you will have an instant estimate for your own attic! https://birdinsulation.com/free-insulation-estimate/

God Bless You, and thanks for reading!

Bob Bird


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