The Top Two Benefits of Layering Cellulose Insulation on Top Of Existing Insulation

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A layer of cellulose insulation in an attic

Does your attic have any existing insulation? Is your home the least bit uncomfortable, or difficult to heat and cool?
And here’s a very important question: Is your attic insulation over 10 years old?

But, perhaps the most important question I can ask, is this one: Is your current attic insulation made of fiberglass? Loose-fill, blown-in fiberglass insulation is specifically what I am referring to.

Daily I get phone calls and contacts from homeowners asking for an estimate for attic insulation or asking my advice for getting their home more comfortable.

Without hesitation, I always ask, “Why do you want more attic insulation? Tell me what’s motivating you to consider spending money on insulation.”

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

As we talk, I send a link to their phone, and ask if they can send me a few pictures of their attic. The individualized link keeps the scores of pictures I receive every day organized so I know who’s attic I am looking at.

Some folks simply want the most cost-effective way to improve the comfort in their home, and attic insulation has always proven to be the lowest-hanging fruit regarding “Return on Investment” for comfort and energy efficiency upgrades for homes.

For these homeowners, I offer our Attic Insulation Bump-Up service. It’s our Silver Level service.

Our Attic Insulation Bump-Up service is simple and straightforward.

I’ll take the Bump-Up, please!

We simply add a thick layer of fresh all-borate cellulose insulation on top of any pre-existing insulation in the attic. That’s your Bump-Up service. Of course, there are six preliminary steps we use to prep your attic before adding the cellulose insulation.

Does this work? Is it effective? Is it worth the money?

Absolutely, 100%, Enthusiastically YES it works BIGTIME!


I’m about to tell you the Top Two Benefits of adding a fresh, thick layer of cellulose insulation over your current attic insulation.

1. Your house will be tighter. Literally, by adding a few inches of Cellulose Attic Insulation on top of your current fiberglass insulation, your home will be dramatically less susceptible to uncontrolled air infiltration trespassing between your attic and your living space.

That uncontrolled air movement between your attic and your living space is a big reason why your temperatures are out-of-control. It’s called convection, and explained as convective heat loss and convective heat gain.

Convection is the movement of air.

Look it up! Cellulose insulation earns its R-Value by blocking air flow.

The Wool Blanket…

Do you need a mental image? Think of loosefill fiberglass insulation as a crocheted afgan. Think of cellulose insulation as a wool blanket. If you’re in a cold drafty environment, which do you want to be wrapped-up in? I’ll take the wool blanket.

When we block the uncontrolled air movement at the highest horizontal plane in your home, we also dramatically reduce the stack effect. Which simply means this: Because your conditioned air isn’t being drawn upward through the levels of your home to escape through your attic, your home is tighter, and less outside air is being drawn into your home from leaky windows & doors, walls, and floor penetrations around pipes and wires, etc.


Attic Insulation Atlanta BG

2. Your Indoor Air Quality improves. How’s that? How does attic insulation affect the quality of the air I’m breathing inside my home?

After installing a thick layer of cellulose insulation on top of your existing attic insulation your house is now tighter, and you have fewer Air Changes per Hour (ACH) between your conditioned air and the environment outside your home. Now if you really want to improve your indoor air quality, you should employ us to Air Seal your attic floor before upgrading your attic insulation. (This service is our Attic Makeover service).

However, if you’re simply needing the most cost-effective upgrade for your existing attic insulation, all-borate cellulose is the product you want.

One air-change-per-hour means that all of the air inside your home has been replaced with unfiltered, unconditioned air from outside your home. All of it, 100%, gone. I’m talking about the air you’ve spent money to heat or cool, filter & clean, de-humidify or humidify, is completely lost to the atmosphere; poof, gone to never be retrieved.

And it’s replaced with dusty, humid, unhealthy, damp air filled with pollen and nasties that’s either too hot or too cold and must be warmed-up or cooled-down if you are to enjoy your home. Not very efficient.

This is why the Return on Investment (ROI) when using cellulose for your attic insulation is excellent when compared to adding more (porous) fiberglass to your attic. It makes common sense, right?

If you’d like a third big benefit from layering cellulose insulation on top of fiberglass insulation, consider that Bora Spray cellulose insulation is over 11% boric acid by content. Meaning, that when an insect comes in contact with the borate, it dies. And this applies to mildew and mold organisms too.

I like to say, “Our Bora Spray cellulose insulation will turn your attic into the dead sea!”

So there you have it. The top three benefits, in my opinion, of adding a thick layer of fresh all-borate cellulose to your existing attic insulation.

And honestly, I can think of no benefit that loosefill fiberglass insulation has when compared with my top three benefits of Bora Spray cellulose insulation.

Loosefill fiberglass insulation added in your attic will not tighten your home anywhere near the degree that cellulose will. And therefore the indoor air quality is not enhanced because of a lower ACH. And from my research, there is no loosefill fiberglass insulation product treated with an additive that kills insects and organisms.


But wait, there’s more!

Thanks for reading! Are there more benefits of cellulose that I could mention? Absolutely!

  • The exceptional Class 1 Fire Retardant Rating.
  • Highest post-consumer recycled content of any insulation product available in the marketplace.
  • Lowest embodied energy of any insulation material available in the marketplace.
  • Completely safe and harmless for your home; compare to the EPA respiratory warnings on a bag of fiberglass or rockwool insulation.
  • Superior sound-deadening qualities.

These benefits, and more – are why Bird Family Insulation only installs all-borate cellulose insulation for our clients. For twenty years, and over 5 million pounds installed in existing homes, it’s what we know. You deserve the absolute best experience from your attic insulation upgrade, and that’s what you get when you combine all-borate cellulose insulation with the Bird family for your attic upgrade!

When I see pictures of fiberglass attic insulation, I get so excited and confident as I enthusiastically share story-after-story of successful upgrades to my prospective client. Bora Spray Cellulose is a Game Changer for homeowners with tired, unproductive fiberglass insulation!

And remember, we only install our cellulose attic insulation with a water pump & water sleeve, for a totally dust-free experience!

Bob Bird, Bird Family Insulation

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