The ODOR MITIGATION FAN, & Spray Foam Attic Insulation

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What To Do With Your Vented Crawlspace

“Why does your car or truck have an airbag in the steering wheel?”

“Why does every parachute have a back-up parachute?”

It’s hard to walk away from a head-on collision, but the airbag sure increases your chances. And if your main parachute fails, the back-up chute sure increases your chances!

Spray Foam Insulation in your Attic.

As a home-services contractor, I have a strong LOVE / HATE relationship with spray foam.

I love that it works so well at sealing and insulating the shell of your home. I hate that I have little control over how sensitive your nose is. Daily, the BIRD Pros are serving homeowners, just like you, spraying foam in Atlanta’s crawlspaces, under floors, in attics and walls. We’re learning a few things about people.

Generally speaking, our spray foam makeovers are a huge success for our homeowners!

The biggest concern I hear from homeowners who are considering spray foam is this: HOW LONG DOES IT SMELL?

My Answer: Every home is different! I don’t have an answer for you! There are so many variables that I have little to no control over.

Variables like:

  • The color of your roof shingles, and the pitch of your roof.
  • The orientation of your roof.
  • The amount of direct sunlight on your roof.
  • Environmental conditions, like how hot it will get today, how humid it will be today.
  • Occupant behavior, such as how long you allow the air conditioner to run; if the exhaust fans are used in the kitchen and bathrooms; if you open the windows, and more.
  • Occupant health: Who’s on respiratory meds or has allergies? Anyone pregnant? Are there elderly and infirmed living here? Is there an occupant who is prone to worry about things? Is there someone who smells everything?
  • Are there humans living in this house? Do any of the humans have a nose?

The Odor Mitigation System (OMS).

Recently, we began installing a small exhaust fan in every attic that is getting spray foam insulation. This quiet fan is ducted to the atmosphere.

These super-efficient units have a speed controller (think: dimmer on your recessed lights), for improved efficiency and low energy use.

On a hot, humid summer afternoon, if by chance you get a whiff of “spray foam smell” while walking down the upstairs hall, it’s easy to manage: Turn Your OMS fan on!

When the OMS fan is running, it’s designed to vacuum odors and lingering humidity from your attic, expelling it into the atmosphere.

Our OMS is STANDARD with every spray foam attic insulation project. You may never need my little, quiet exhaust fan. But the tiny minority of clients who do, are very glad that we thought ahead. And life quickly returns to their definition of normal!

“You’re so different!”

This is a prime example of how Bird Family Insulation is so different from the other companies.

This week, I had a homeowner tell me, “Bob, I’ve gotten two other quotes from spray foam companies, and no one has mentioned this. Why didn’t they inform me?”

My Follow-up Question to her was, “Ask them, ‘If I smell your foam insulation two weeks after it’s installed, what will you do about it?’”

Choices & Clients ….

Do you want to take your chances driving without airbags, or falling 12,500 ft without a back-up chute? Not too smart in my opinion – for the relatively small cost of peace-of-mind and the value it adds to your life.

Choose the Bird Family Insulation pros, we’ll treat you like our client, “someone who comes under the care and protection of another”. Choose the other guys, and take your chances that they will return your phone calls after they’ve cashed your check.

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