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Air Sealing in Decatur

Maximizing Home Comfort & Minimizing Energy Usage

Building scientists teach us that the three most important factors influencing the comfort inside your home are:

  • Air infiltration
  • Air infiltration
  • Air infiltration

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Have you ever noticed that a plumber drills a 2” hole, for a 1” pipe, and an electrician drills a 1” hole for a small wire? All these holes are open to your crawlspace and attic!

What about those exhaust fans in your bathrooms? Like recessed light fixtures, exhaust fans are a huge source of uncontrolled air infiltration. Did you know that in the average U.S. home, 35% of the total heating and cooling load is for outside air infiltration?

What We Recommend to Properly Air Seal Your Home:

  • Employ our Decatur insulation experts to remove your current attic insulation. Only then can we thoroughly airseal your ceilings, install dampers and ducts on exhaust fans, seal top plates, chases and more. In most homes, we can remove the attic insulation, perform airsealing and install fresh cellulose insulation in just 1 day!
  • We use foam for air sealing penetrations (holes for wires, vents, pipes, chimneys, etc.) in your ceilings, walls and floors. When you upgrade to our PestBloc Foam, you add further protection against unwanted pests finding their way into your home.
  • We also caulk around windows, install weather strip kits on doors, seal interior plumbing penetrations in kitchens and baths, install chimney balloons, and install gaskets behind electrical receptacles.
  • Don’t guess at the results. We use our blower door to test your home for air changes per hour. You benefit by knowing exactly how much conditioned, inside air is exchanged with unwanted outside air. To measure our effectiveness, we test before and after improvements are performed.

The Benefits of Air Sealing are Immediate

Your home will enjoy healthier indoor air quality – it will be cleaner, quieter and safer, and your rooms may enjoy more consistent temps with your thermostat. The sensation of drafts in the home is subjective, but you can expect reasonable improvements when our air-sealing services are combined with adding insulation. Finally, you’ll see a dramatic gain in energy efficiency the next time your monthly utility bill arrives.

Combining Insulation Materials & Air-Sealing Services

Air sealing is part of our exacting prep work before we upgrade your insulation. That’s why we’re always educating homeowners – after insulation is added, it’s too late to effectively airseal.

Some insulation is better at air sealing than others. For loose-fill insulation, cellulose insulation is absolutely the best at air sealing due to its high density.

Our Decatur air sealing specialists install all-borate cellulose insulation. We do not install fiberglass insulation, as a rule. Fiberglass is a light-density, porous material.

Every house suffers from the stack effect, which means cooler moist air below is being drawn upward to replace drier, warmer air leaving your attic. Where do you think the air comes from to replace this lost interior air? Outside air is drawn into your home from your basement or crawlspace, attic, and around windows and doors, electric outlets on outside walls, framing gaps and fireplaces.

Trespassing air brings drafts, dust, outdoor temperatures and moisture that your heating and air conditioning system must constantly overcome. In multi-story houses, and in winter conditions, when inside temps differ greatly from outside temps, the dreaded stack effect increases!

The Benefits of Choosing Bird

One of the reasons Bird Family Insulation has 100% customer satisfaction is that we never insulate a house without air sealing it first! To simply “add some insulation to my attic” may leave you falling short of your goals.

When you choose the Bird Family Insulation pros, you are assured that we will SEAL your home correctly! Let’s get started.

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