I’ve got three Quotes, and you’re my forth.

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I've got three Quotes, and you're my forth.

OR said another way, Should You Be Wary of the Complacent Contractor?

Is there a difference between accepting something, and actually asking for or wanting that thing initially?

I’m not talking about stealing. Rather I’m referring to that passive, complacent attitude we sometimes have, with regard to working toward a goal, of any kind.

What I’m talking about is passion for what we do.

Some will call it “being hungry”; or “going the 2nd mile”; or “finishing the drill”; etc.


Visualize a classroom of older students and a teacher. The teacher asks the question, “Who will help me after class today, for about 20 minutes?

The students eagerly raising their hands, hoping to be noticed, wanting to be picked… or hanging around after class although they weren’t chosen, … they are the ones who have passion.

In 1977 I left home, headed to ABAC, (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College). Some of the parting words my Dad said to me were, “Son, be known by your instructors as a man who is passionate, who shows more than ‘passing interest’ in your career. One way you can show passion, is by volunteering for projects. Develop a relationship with your instructors, and you’re the man they think about when talking to companies & agencies who are hiring.”

Why be in business, if I’m content to be “invisible”, lost & buried in the pack?

The complacent contractor is often the company who:

  • Doesn’t return your phone calls, texts, emails, etc.
  • Has a stale, un-informative, or incorrect website. (“We don’t provide that service anymore …”)
  • Makes it difficult for you to reach a decision-maker.
  • Won’t go the 2nd mile. Rigid & “set in their ways”. (“This is how we do it. If you want your ducts worked on, go somewhere else.”)
  • Miss appointments, or are always late; without contacting you in advance.
  • Show up for the project, without enough men or materials.
  • Refuse to take responsibility or follow-up when damage has been done to your property.
  • Never asks for a referral or review. Doesn’t carry business cards.
  • Writes a quote for you, but you never hear from them again. Or worse, they say, “I’ll email your quote”, and you wait, and wait, …
  • Doesn’t engage conversation with you; doesn’t ask probing, inductive questions that may reveal the ‘why’ behind your comfort issue.
  • Doesn’t use science or cutting-edge tools to aid in diagnosing your problem.
  • Won’t climb or crawl your entire crawlspace or attic. Measures it from walking around the outside. Assumes or guesses at the condition of things.
  • Quotes ‘over-the-phone’, because it’s easier (for them… but you take the risk!)
  • Isn’t service oriented. Didn’t ask, “While I’m here, would you like me to inspect your ___?

These are some of the common experiences our clients mention, time-and-time again. How do we know?


Because we ASK! We’re interested! We’re passionate about comfortable, healthy homes for our clients! We aren’t complacent to simply ‘drop off quotes’.

When a homeowner tells us, “I’ve got three quotes, and you’re my forth”, we ask questions. “Tell me about those three experiences. Who were they? What’s your impression so far? Specifically what are you looking for in a contractor? Do you believe each of them clearly understood your project goals, and wrote a proposal that will confidently achieve those goals?”

We want to work for you. And we’re eager to go the 2nd mile on the front end, earning your trust and confidence. In fact, our entire business culture is anchored in Dad’s counsel … being passionate about getting your home healthy, comfortable, and affordable to heat and cool.

To us, you are a CLIENT, and not a CUSTOMER. We’re pursuing a relationship!

Got Questions? Call Bob in the office. We’d love to hear from you!

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