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Replacing a Truck Taught Us a Lesson in Customer Service

If you are a Georgia Power customer, There are Great Financial Incentives for improving your home’s insulation, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. In fact, here at Bird Family Insulation, our clients received OVER $90,000.00 in cash rebates from Georgia Power in 2015! And… we’re working hard to double that figure for you in 2016.

You may be asking, “What qualifies for the money?” In short, most any improvement that improves the energy efficiency of your home, as measured in reduced Kilowatt hours. Attic insulation, Floor insulation, Spray Foam insulation, Wall insulation, Repairing and Sealing Air Ducts, Sealing around windows & doors, Crawlspace insulation, Home Energy Audits, and more, qualify for these generous rebates.

Many of our clients net, Out-of-Pocket investments are 50-60%, after accounting for the generous rebates from Georgia Power! And because Bird Family Insulation is a Qualified Georgia Power participant, we handle all of your documentation to GP. You simply enjoy your comfortable home! (Note the picture of Beau Bird tracking rebate submissions for our clients on our marker board).

Call us now, to learn more about these generous rebates from Georgia Power, and how you can benefit. If you have been waiting to add insulation to your home… now is your hour!

CALL NOW… these programs come and go! (404) 666-8160

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