Why Seal Your Crawlspace with Cement & Spray Foam?

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Why Seal Your Crawlspace with Cement & Spray Foam?

Why Seal Your Crawlspace with Cement & Spray Foam?

Seal Your Crawlspace with Cement & Spray Foam

This week we completed a unique, sealed crawlspace project. Our out-of-state homeowners were using the Eastlake-area house as a rental unit. But there was one big problem.

RATS. The house could never be totally rid of rats. In this case, the rodents stubbornly dug under the footings, and our clients told us to figure out how to remedy the problem.

Brian, (the Bird Family Insulation Comfort Pro assigned to this client) arranged for the crawlspace to be thoroughly sealed, using concrete. After a heavy reinforced poly membrane is spread out, (to cover the dirt), the cement slurry is pumped through a hose, and troweled smooth, throughout the crawlspace. When it dries, it makes a beautifully clean, impervious crawlspace “floor”.

We followed behind the concrete crew, and sealed the foundation wall vents, and sprayed Lapolla 2-pound Closed Cell spray foam to the foundation walls. This seals AND insulates the walls, for a very tight, insulated crawlspace!

These in-town houses have huge front porches. We constructed an “isolation wall” to seal the front porch from the crawlspace. As Nate sprayed the foundation walls with foam, he also sprayed this isolation wall, and completely sealed the front porch from the crawlspace under the house.

Because the ducts were in bad shape, Brian had our crew completely replace the entire HVAC duct system, and a couple of sheet metal boots were upgraded.

Because the crawlspace is sealed and insulated, we installed a dehumidifier to aid in controlling Relative Humidity under the house.

The good news: It’s FAR MORE CHALLENGING for a rat to tunnel his way into this crawlspace. And, in the off-chance that a rat does make it into this crawlspace, it will be very easy to trap it out, and to perform the exclusion to keep any more from getting in.

AND, our client’s home is dramatically more comfortable with warm, dry wood floors, and enjoys much better Indoor Air Quality. And did I say that the heating and cooling bills are nicely reduced too?

A pest control company can give you an exclusion. But I don’t know any pest control companies who will also rebuild the duct system, improve your Indoor Air Quality, use spray foam to insulate the targeted area (attic or crawlspace), and REDUCE your heating and cooling bills!

Do you think our clients will have any trouble renting this house now? NOT AT ALL! In fact, they can now justify a higher rental amount, due to the reduced heating and cooling costs, AND the improved Indoor Air Quality.

WHAT VALUE! See our company Facebook page for the entire photo album.

If your crawlspace is giving your trouble, call Savannah in our office. She’ll schedule Brian or Jacob to your home for a free evaluation, and you can hear about your options for a solution that is also a GREAT VALUE for your comfort, heating and cooling costs, and Indoor Air Quality.

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