What Type Of, Or How Much Of Insulation is Best For Me?

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What Type Of, Or How Much Of Insulation is Best For Me?

Homeowners always ask,
“Bob, what’s the best insulation for my needs?”

Just this morning, a gentleman asked me this exact question, while I was in the lobby waiting for my wife to finish her physical therapy. I was wearing my uniform!

My reply? “Great question! The answer depends on how you answer my questions…”
And I proceeded to have a conversation with him, before giving him the answer to his question.

Consider this…

  1. Would you put your 12 oz cola in the middle of an empty 30 gallon cooler, and expect it to stay cold?
  2. Which do you think will heat-up faster, and hotter? An attic with a black roof shingle, or the same attic with a lighter colored roof shingles
  3. In our climate zone, what is more beneficial for cooling: morning shade on your roof, or afternoon shade on your roof?
  4. Those of you with 2 or more house levels, which level is easiest to heat, and which is easiest to cool?
  5. Those of you with your heating / cooling systems in the attic, does your AC seem to run, Run, RUN?

You see, there are lots (these and more) of variables to be considered as we determine the best solution for your needs.

One size or one product rarely fits all. That’s why there are 50 brands of bottled water.

But this I can say with certainty about your home’s comfort:
Insulation, Airsealing, and Airflow are the 3 SILVER BULLETS to your comfort nightmare.

Yesterday, we had a homeowner in Canton (GA) call Chris Bird to evaluate his 2018 home, because he was convinced the walls weren’t insulated, and his builder took shortcuts on his furnace… all because he had 3 rooms that are cold and never get warm.

Chris discovered…

Chris discovered:

The walls are insulated with fiberglass batt insulation.

The attic insulation (fiberglass builder’s grade stuff) was low above those rooms.

The design of his air ducts is resulting in poor airflow in the vents that serve those 3 rooms.

Chris designed a protocol to redesign his air ducts for greater airflow to those uncomfortable rooms, airseal the accessible ceiling, and improve the attic insulation. He presented it to his homeowner.

After we complete this small makeover, I’m confident that our client will be comfortable in those three rooms, and every room in his house.

This is why you choose an insulation company who understands, and has 20 years experience, how to diagnose and solve all kinds of comfort issues and poor indoor air quality.

Chris Bird was hearing these conversations at the supper table when he was 2 years old, and has grown up performing virtually every diagnostic evaluation we provide, and has worked as a crew member since he was 12 years old. Chris could have been a crew foreman at 15 years, but it was awkward for our men!

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