What is the Best R Value for Attic Insulation in Georgia?

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Once you have decided to replace or improve your attic insulation, the next question is, “How much attic insulation do I need?” Someone would say, “get as much as you can afford”! However, for our area of Georgia (metro Atlanta), there is a point of diminishing returns. You don’t want to waste your investment.


Georgia counties and cities have building code requirements, and those requirements include attic insulation.  Some homeowners are happy just knowing that their attic insulation satisfies the current local code requirements. 


Your Local Building Code R-Value is not Enough

Code restrictions are minimum standards put in place to protect the public. Do you live your life by minimum standards? Do you buy the cheapest everything, when shopping?


Current code restrictions force builders to put a minimum of R-38 insulation in the attic before the house is qualified to be sold, or inhabited.


However, if local code restrictions for attic insulation were enough, I’d not be so busy upgrading attic insulation for Georgia homeowners! 


You Need R-50 Attic Insulation

For Georgia homeowners, R-50 is the ideal amount of attic insulation when installing stabilized cellulose insulation. The ENERGY STAR folks recommend R-49, and many utility companies with incentives will only pay the incentive if the attic insulation is upgraded to R-49 or more.


I have a friend, who owns an attic insulation company in Atlanta, who only recommends R-60 for attic insulation. This is because he only installs loose-fill fiberglass insulation, and it takes more to match the performance requirement. 


Are You Buying Fiberglass? You Need More than R-50!

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is more convective than cellulose insulation. Convection is one of three ways heat is transferred. (For example, convection ovens have a small fan that circulates air currents inside the oven, distributing the heat). The air currents in your vented attic move throughout the small fiberglass fibers – carrying heat. Those air currents are carrying away your expensive heat in the winter, and in summer, allowing heat-gain from your inferno-like attic to pass right into your ceilings. 


For consistent year-round performance, and to begin to offset the negative consequences of convection, the loose-fill fiberglass insulation has to be piled really high in your attic! So he is recommending R-60 for this reason. That’s the product he sells, and that’s the amount he has learned that it takes. I’m not even discussing the loss of R Value in loose-fill fiberglass insulation when temperatures get extremely hot or cold. Just when you need it most – fiberglass lets you down!


You Win Any Day of the Year With R-50 Cellulose

Here at Bird Family Insulation, we only install cellulose attic insulation. Loose-fill cellulose insulation is superior to loose-fill fiberglass insulation. This is why we only need R-50 to provide you with comfort any day of the year.


Here are just a few ways that you benefit with our R-50 all-borate stabilized cellulose insulation:


  • No Convection! It is high-density insulation. It actually earns it’s R Value by blocking airflow.
  • “Air-tight” attic insulation! We install your cellulose attic insulation using an internal wetting system. I call it my water sleeve. This tiny amount of moisture turns the wheat starch found in the cell walls of your cellulose, into a glue-like substance that “locks” the small paper fibers together. Remember paper mache?
  • My water sleeve further benefits you with a dust-free installation.
  • Dramatically less settling. Stabilized with moisture also means that your fresh cellulose insulation is already “settled” when I install it.
  • It kills insects! The Boric Acid kills insects for the lifetime of your insulation. Turn your attic into the DEAD SEA with my all-borate cellulose attic insulation.
  • It’s Fire Retardant! Because of the boric acid, it satisfies the strictest fire retardant ratings in the residential and commercial regulations: Class 1,A.
  • Quietens Your Home. Because of its high density, our cellulose insulation qualifies as a sound deadening measure.



If you live in Georgia and are looking to upgrade your attic insulation, the decision is clear: R-50, stabilized all-borate cellulose insulation is the best value for your investment!


Ready to get an instant estimate? Use my online calculators for an instant cost estimate for improving your attic insulation using our All Borate, Stabilized Cellulose!


Thanks for reading. God Bless You!

Bob Bird


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