“Trick” Your Senses with Dryer Air!

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During the hot, humid summer months, dryer air is far more comfortable inside your home, than the heavy, humid air. When your AC runs, it removes moisture from your home. But what about those hours in the day (and on mild days) when the temp doesn’t trigger your thermostat to run the AC, but the humidity is still high and “muggy”? Wow, that’s when it feels horrible in your home, and we over-ride the thermostat and run the air, and run the air, and run the air, etc.

Well, consider an alternative: Using a Dehumidifier. The picture of the weather station is in my home. We have a 1750 ft2 ranch on a crawlspace. We encapsulated my crawlspace, and have a dehumidifier controlling the RH (relative humidity) under the floors. This has a PROFOUND positive effect on the Indoor Air Quality inside our home!

We don’t need to run the AC nearly as often because the dryer air feels so much more comfortable.

The Outdoor readings are taken under the house, in the crawlspace. Note that the temp is identical to the temp inside my office. That’s due in part because my HVAC is in the crawlspace, and I always install a “fresh air supply” vent to condition our encapsulated attics or crawlspaces. And the RH under the house is a very low 51%. Because the RH is controlled under the house, it’s very easy to manage it in the living spaces above!

Here in the S.E. USA, most of the dampness/moisture you feel (in a single family dwelling) inside your home is coming from below, as it is drawn upward (24/7) by the stack effect, into your home.

On the day this picture was taken, it was 89 degrees outside, and the outdoor humidity was 77%.

Interested in talking about this for your home? Contact Bob in the office at 404-538-9168 or contact him at Bob@Birdinsulation.com

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