The Biggest Lie About Home Insulation Services

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The Biggest Lie About Home Insulation Services

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Do you wear a lot of “One Size Fits All” clothing?

We’ve all seen the ball cap, or pair of gloves, with a sewn-in tag that reads,

“Universal fit; One size fits all”.

OK, I’ll go for that. I’ve got plenty of ball caps and gloves that fit just fine, and have that exact tag sewn into them. You can call me “average-build”.

But when it comes to improving the insulation in my home, it’s a different matter. There is no such thing as the ‘average build’ for a house – they’re all different….

And I believe this points to the biggest lie about Home Insulation Services….

Because most of the guys desperate to make you their next sale will tell you “Our product is the perfect match for your home!”

It doesn’t matter what the product is.

It can be fiberglass loose-fil, or fiberglass blankets (batts), or cellulose loose-fill, or spray foam insulation, or blowing wool (rock wool), or styrofoam kernels, foam egg cartons, straw hay bales, radiant barrier, well… You get the idea.

Many home insulation sales people are what I call, “PRODUCT Driven”.

They sell only one type of insulation, and that’s all they install… FOR EVERY APPOINTMENT, for every house design. Because they have a warehouse full.

(How successful is the mechanic with only one tool? And how happy do you think he keeps his customers?)

And usually, after adding several inches of their insulation product, the house responds positively.

Here’s the rub though: what the homeowner doesn’t realize is, often, for about the same investment, their home could have been DRAMATICALLY more comfortable if they had chosen a company who matched the best insulation for their home & project goals.

And didn’t treat their home as a ‘one size fits all’ fix…

If you’re anything like most people, you want the best return on your investment…


Which is why, a “SOLUTION Driven” contractor, will ensure you get a much better outcome for your home (and your pocketbook)…

Just imagine how differently this conversation will go.

You meet with someone who is professionally trained in the building science we call, ‘Home Performance’.

They evaluate your entire home, including the heating & cooling systems and take the time to sit down with you at your kitchen table to find out where you’re having comfort issues; then they consider the environmental conditions of your property, before making a recommendation to you that will provide you with the best insulation product and protocol for your home.

Remember: Your insulation is a THERMAL BARRIER that protects your home from heat migration: Summer Heat Gain, and Winter Heat Loss. It should also address uncontrolled air infiltration.

When you make the initial appointment, ask if the company employs BPI certified sales staff and project managers. (BPI: Building Performance Institute).

After all, you want the best value for your investment.

And “One Size Fits All” does not apply to upgrading your home’s comfort and improving your Indoor Air Quality.

After your salesperson pens your proposal, ask them the hard questions… “Explain why you are recommending __________ for my project? Why not _____ or _____ for me?”

Now, you don’t have to fall for the biggest lie in the Home Insulation Service field!

We’re here to help, and we’re passionate about solutions … Call, Text or Email our office, and ask for Bob Bird. 404-538-9168.

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