Securing Your Attic Against Rodents

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Securing Your Attic Against Rodents

Our name may be Bird Family Insulation, but trust me, you can count on us for way more than just insulation! I want to let you in on some details from our most recent job!

This homeowner just purchased this home and knew that there had been rodents and pests due to the number of droppings and destruction seen in his attic.

After you have had all of the rodents and pest exterminated from your home, this is what we do to ENSURE that they do not return!

Here are the steps we took for this job that also includes our way to keep those pesky pests OUT!

We began with removing all of the old insulation and droppings from this attic, as you can see in these photos, it was covered! No worries, our team gets in the tight spaces to make sure all of it is removed! Once this was finished and there was no trace of insulation or droppings in this home, we spray a germicidal treatment. Germicidal treatment is our sanitation process that is step one to the odor and cleanliness of your attic.

Our next step is to air seal all of the places that could transfer air in or out of your attic. Not only does air sealing help with air filtration but because of the Pest-Bloc foam that is used for the sealing, it helps to keep those pests out. I’ve heard it said, “Pest-Bloc foam to a pest is like collard greens to a child” they do not want it and refuse to eat through it. It is detestable to rodents and pests, but we do not stop there with ensuring that pests don’t enter back into your attic!

The next step that we take in the reinstalling of insulation. We use Applegate Bora-spray cellulose, if you want information about how beneficial cellulose is apart from pest invasion, click here. But in regards to this home, the homeowner could rest easy knowing that there are natural organic borates in the cellulose that is poisonous to rodents and pests. This is the last thing that we do to tie a bow on the road to pest-free home!

Trust Bird with more than just your insulation needs, if you want more information about all of the services we offer, click here!

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