Safe, Clean, Green Insulation Solution

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Safe, Clean, Green Insulation Solution

It’s more than you spending your money!

Our motto here at Bird Family Insulation is “we’re not comfortable until you are” and we mean that!

Our featured project this week is a home in Conyers, GA whose homeowner’s son had been suffering from asthma. Though trying to make accommodations that ensured his asthma stayed under control. One of the things that this family decided to do was replace their fiberglass insulation with Cellulose. Cellulose is a product that we install, calling it our “Safe, Clean, Green Insulation Solution”.

Not only is cellulose more effective, but Cellulose is also non-carcinogenic

(notice the OSHA warning on fiberglass insulation. There are NO OSHA warnings on Cellulose).

Fiberglass works as an air filtration system and when there are gaps and holes from things like your fans, or anything that is not sealed in your attic, that airflow goes directly through the fiberglass, into your home. We are shown in the photo below, that this family experienced that. The dark stains are where we see there was an area, that dirt/dust was caught, while trespassing into the home. We solved this by removing all the sheets of fiberglass, air sealing all the places where uncontrolled air infiltration was causing it to enter the house, and installing 15” of Applegate Bora-Spray Cellulose. Cellulose is the best option for this family and will improve the air quality in their home exponentially.

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