Proof that Spray Foam Insulation Works

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Proof that Spray Foam Insulation Works


“… last year my heat used to run all night…”

Wireless Monitor Won’t Lie! Joe’s review is More Evidence that Sealing & Insulating Attics with Spray Foam Insulation Works!

We’re in the midst of daily below-freezing temperatures here in Atlanta, and when there is a big contrast between indoor & outdoor temperatures, (like these days), your furnace is constantly working to replace the heat being lost from your home.

Joe’s Testimonial

Last summer, we sealed & insulated Joe’s attic with spray foam insulation. He was blown away with how much it improved his comfort in those hot summer days. Yesterday, (December 31), Joe sent me this picture of our temperature & humidity monitor, with his excited comments. We install these wireless monitors in every attic and crawlspace that we seal with spray foam insulation. Our clients love the convenience of monitoring these spaces, and knowing that their investment is still giving them amazing value, especially in the days & nights when they need it most!

Joe’s Message:

“Hi Bob,

You did (spray foam insulation in) my large attic over the summer and I had shared with you how great it kept the attic cool in the heat. Just wanted to share the temp read out with you from this morning! Last winter my heat used to run all night and now it runs in short bursts and sometimes heat doesn’t even have to run on 2nd floor : ). The “outdoor” # is the attic and “indoor” # down stairs inside. When I took this picture, it was 22 degrees outside!”


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