Pictures Don’t Lie: Why We ONLY Install Spray Foam Insulation in Floors

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Pictures Don’t Lie: Why We ONLY Install Spray Foam Insulation in Floors

Do yourself a BIG favor… and never install fiberglass batts as floor insulation!

Last week, I was invited back to the home of a client we had served several years ago. We had removed his old fiberglass floor insulation, and replaced it with a 2” coverage of closed cell spray foam insulation.

While applying the foam insulation, we also sealed and wrapped his HVAC ducts in this crawlspace.

The Phone Call….

He called back last week, saying he needed more work done, and asked that I personally come out. Never wanting to miss a chance to brag on our company, I made the appointment. When I got there, I slid under the house to check out our previous work… How would it look so many years later? It looks like we performed the job last month! It’s THAT GOOD!

Had we installed fiberglass batts, in his vented crawlspace… I can only imagine the nasty, bug & rat infested mess they would be by now, sagging like laundry on the line.

Closed Cell Spray Foam… You GOTTA Love this Stuff!

FOAM stays put, doing it’s job, day after day, year after year, and requires zero attention.

It’s Job?

● Blocks Trespassing Air Infiltration!

● Blocks Moisture!

● Amazing, High Performance Thermal Barrier!


Your Benefits:

● Dramatically Improved Indoor Air Quality.

● Dramatically more Comfortable, Dry Floors.

● More Comfortable Home, due to Lower Levels of Indoor Humidity.

Easy Decision: Spray Foam Insulation under your Floors. Choose nothing else.

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