Paused Services

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Currently, we are focusing all of our in-house services on “ALL THINGS ATTICS.”

Therefore, we currently are not performing services other than what is performed in attics.

Paused Services

  1. Crawlspace encapsulation
  2. Crawlspace insulation
  3. Floor and subfloor spray foam insulation
  4. Home Energy Audits
  5. All Duct Services

If You Need Work Under Your House, or an Energy Audit, This Is Who Bob Recommends You Contact:

Crawl Space Services

Jon Creason, Black Canyon Environmental LLC
Mold Remediation Services/Crawlspace encapsulations
770 755-5601 office

Home Energy Audits

Brian Martin, Home Energy Auditor

For a full
list of our recommended contractors, click here.

Services We Are Performing

  1. Attic insulation upgrade, (Bump-up).
  2. Attic insulation clean-up, removed, sanitized, airsealed and reinsulated, (Attic Insulation Makeover).
  3. Attic pest intrusion clean-up, (Attic Insulation Makeover).
  4. Attic air sealing.
  5. Kneewall insulation upgrades.
  6. Bonus Room Insulation, (Bonus Room Insulation Makeover).
  7. HVAC air duct seal & insulate with spray foam insulation, when the system is located in an attic.
  8. HVAC air duct modifications & testing, when the system is located in an attic.

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