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Are you ready to do more than blame the AC guy? In the Atlanta, GA area, owning a small business keeps you busy enough. Don’t put up with an underperforming HVAC system. Our Bird family professionals hear it all the time: “The tech serviced the unit, and said it’s fine.” But you know something is wrong – badly wrong! The lobby and waiting room is too hot, or the dining room freezes because your cook wants the kitchen cooler. Or some offices are cold while others are warm, and doors are “sucked shut” in your practice.

What Can Bird Family Insulation Do?

When you hire our team, we do several things to determine the problem areas, including:

  • All HVAC units are rated by the manufacturer for specific airflow through the duct system. We determine the specifications for you.
  • Using our flow hood, we measure the airflow through your ducts and compare our findings with your specific hardware.
  • We measure supply airflow and return airflow.
  • We discuss our results with you and prescribe a remedy.


It may be that your ducts are leaking. Our Atlanta duct service experts diagnose the leakage and resolve the leakage (where accessible).

Why Choose Bird Family Insulation for Your Commercial Duct Service?

We have been performing commercial duct services in the Atlanta, GA area for years, and we’ve never lost our 100% attention to efficiency, comfort and savings. We bring the same level of “family first” focus to your commercial building as we bring to homes throughout the region. After all, if your commercial ductwork is causing problems in your space, you’ll feel the effects on your bottom line and through most of your day.

Get the answers you need, and a PLAN that addresses the HVAC problems in your small business! Call our Atlanta insulation experts at (404) 538-9168 to request our flow hood test.

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