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Our Decatur insulation removal specialists at Bird Family Insulation have seen and improved horrible conditions in attic insulation. The very first step in re-insulating a home is to remove the old material.

5 Reasons To Remove & Replace Old Insulation

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How The Bird Family Insulation Pros Remove Insulation

If our Atlanta insulation experts are in your home, we install canvas runners throughout, to protect your floors. When we remove batts, we remove them by hand. Material is rolled and stuffed in large bags and tied shut. Bags are removed from your property and disposed of in the landfill.

For loose-fill insulation, we use powerful gas-powered vacuums with large hoses and vacuum the insulation into large cloth bags. The large vacuums and bags are in our rigs. Only the hose enters your home! When our attic insulation experts are finished, everything goes to the landfill! We pay the landfill fee.

Atlanta Attic Insulation Removal

Most Removal Projects Are Completed In Less Than 1 Day

Only from Bird Family Insulation – if we are performing a removal and cellulose re-insulation project in your attic, we will perform the entire project in 1 DAY! Exceptions apply, but for the average home, we can do the entire project in only a day. We can spray a disinfectant, anti-viral solution in attics where rodent activity has been a problem.

Part of our re-insulation services also includes mold and mildew stain cleanup. While we are removing and replacing insulation, it is a prime opportunity to find pesky stains and get them handled. We definitely recommend asking our team about mold and mildew stain cleanup as part of your insulation removal or replacement job.

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