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Attic Cellulose Insulation

The Safe, Clean, Green Insulation Solution!

Bird Family Insulation has installed over 2 million pounds of cellulose insulation in attics and walls throughout Atlanta. Our education has come 1 square foot at a time, in existing, occupied homes just like yours. We are not a “new-construction” insulation company trying to learn the retro-fit market. Cellulose insulation performs better than fiberglass batt and is safer in your home. Fiberglass batt – the rolled insulation “blankets” seen in most Atlanta-area homes – has some real performance limitations. It just doesn’t reach everywhere insulation needs to go. In every attic, there are a number of odd angles, joints and gaps that don’t accommodate batt material.

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That’s where blown-in Cellulose insulation benefits you! As our Atlanta insulation experts upgrade your attic insulation, every nook, cranny, and gap is plugged and filled with several inches of fresh, high-performance, Applegate cellulose insulation. Installing Applegate Cellulose insulation over your old, tired, low-performance fiberglass insulation will reward you with immediate, dramatic results too!

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Here are just a few of the major benefits of cellulose insulation:

  • Cellulose is non-carcinogenic (notice the OSHA warning on fiberglass insulation. There are NO OSHA warnings on Cellulose).
  • Higher R-value per inch than fiberglass – as much as 38%.
  • Exponentially slower “burn-time” in structure fires, providing precious additional minutes for escape. You will benefit with a home that may be more resistant to the spread of fire, versus the same home that is insulated with fiberglass! Our Applegate cellulose carries a Lifetime Warranty: The Class 1-A Fire Retardant rating is guaranteed for the lifetime of your structure!
  • Lifetime R-Value! The R-Value of your Applegate Bora-Spray Cellulose insulation is Guaranteed for the lifetime of your structure!

The R-Value of an insulating material is its ability to resist heat flow. A higher R-Value means more insulation and your energy dollars go further!

Cellulose insulation contains more than 75% recycled material, primarily newsprint, one of the largest parts of the waste stream. Cellulose insulation not only saves energy, it helps cities meet the growing waste disposal problem.

Far less energy is required in manufacturing cellulose. Fiberglass insulation manufacturers annually and semi-annually pass along price increases. Raw material costs are outside the control of the manufacturers. However, cellulose insulation raw material costs are embodied in the newspaper you bought, or phone book you recycled. The manufacturers have no huge energy-guzzling blast-furnaces to maintain. More pollutants are produced during the manufacture of fiberglass insulation than is produced during the recycling of cellulose. This is important

Clean, Responsible Insulation that Kills Bugs

Our Applegate Bora Spray Cellulose Insulation is 11% borate by content, meaning it performs as an extermination product for the lifetime of your home! We use Applegate Bora Spray Cellulose exclusively and can install it in your attics, walls, and floor systems.

If you’re serious about saving money heating and cooling your home, about recycling and responsible use of resources, and about saving energy for our country the only insulation to seriously consider is cellulose.

Choosing Bird for your Cellulose Insulation in Atlanta

The best insulation in the world is useless to you if it’s improperly installed in your home. Choose Bird Family Insulation for your home comfort makeover, because we truly are Georgia’s Home Energy Pros. And, we guarantee your enthusiastic satisfaction with the quality of our work!

Even after installing over TWO MILLION POUNDS of cellulose insulation for Northern GA homeowners, our Atlanta insulation experts are yet to have our first unsatisfied client!

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