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Over 80% of U.S. households waste significant amounts of energy through leaky ducts. In fact, studies show that these faulty duct systems send 30% or more of their conditioned air – intended for living spaces – into the attic, crawl space or basement. Leaky ducts also result in hot and cold rooms and zones in your house, and poor indoor air quality.

Contact Bird Family Insulation to put an end to leaky ducts! Our Decatur insulation experts have the experience you need to get the job done right!

What Exactly Is Going On Behind The Scenes In My Duct System?

The pipes that carry your conditioned air to and from the air handler are your ducts. This system of curves, elbows, straight-runs, boots, registers, tees and wyes is critical to the comfort of your home. Every splice and juncture is a likely candidate for leaking air.

Your central system (in theory) should be a closed-loop attachment to your living space. Imagine a hamster cage with an exercise tunnel going out from one side of the cage, making an adventuresome loop, and returning to another portion of the same cage.

The Dangers Of Duct Leaks

Leaking expensive air on the SUPPLY side of your system is only heating/cooling your attic or crawlspace. Having a leak in the RETURN side is drawing dusty, sometimes mold-laden, or super-heated attic air into your system. This causes a warmer temperature in the summer or heat loss in the winter. Either season, your unit is working harder to overcome the leakage. Along with inconsistent heating and cooling, there are other key signs you can look out for to determine if you have a leak in your air duct system.

Common Signs That You Have A Leak Include:

Sealing and insulating the ductwork is a great solution to a leak, and Bird Family Insulation is just the team to trust with the job.

The Bird Family Insulation Solution For Duct Leakage

When we do a virtual appointment, we visually inspect your duct system. In this way, we catch about 75% of the potential leakage in your system. We’ll quote the work necessary to get your air-duct system into top-notch condition.

When our Decatur duct service experts return to perform your air-duct makeover, and as we discover gaps, tears, seams pulled apart, misaligned boots and collars, we seal & insulate them with closed-cell spray foam! This permanently solves the problem. We also insulate bare pipes. Insulating and sealing air-ducts is nasty work, but imperative to ensure that you have a more comfortable, affordable home with cleaner, healthier indoor air quality.

Full Pressure Testing Before Duct Sealing

Some areas are impossible to reach or see, and only through pressure testing the house can we discover these leaks and prescribe a remedy. Pressure testing is an extra, paid service – but for many systems, this is the way to go.

Benefits Of Flow Hood Testing

One measurement that is essential for the efficient operation of your air conditioner and furnace is the flow hood test. This is where we measure the airflow that is moving through your ducts. Before starting work, we take airflow measurements at each SUPPLY vent and each RETURN vent. After the duct sealing is done, we confirm our results by pressure-testing your duct system.

Using this information, our Decatur duct sealing experts can quickly diagnose:

The Bottom Line For Homeowners In Need Of Duct Sealing In Decatur

Homeowners with duct leakage are paying to heat and cool their attic or crawl space! Bird will go the extra mile to implement a solution and cure your duct system.

Call us today at (404) 538-9168 and schedule an Decatur duct sealing evaluation.

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