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Out of balance duct systems are all too common. Most homeowners in the Atlanta area don’t know this is the case – and if they do know, it’s hard to find a solution. Let us help you understand why this is a problem and what you can do about it!

It is very common for HVAC companies to install oversized heating and air conditioning equipment to compensate for any errors they may have made in their sizing calculations. No company wants to be called back on the hottest days of the year because their client isn’t comfortable.

These larger, high-performance units are most often connected to a set of decades-old ducts that were sized for a smaller, low-tech air handler!

The BOTTOM LINE: many of these units are only moving 60–70% of the airflow they should be moving.

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Usually, there should be a return vent in every room. Exceptions include: bathrooms, kitchens, recreation and utility rooms generating excessive moisture or rooms occupied with appliances. Any room where the door is usually closed needs a return (remember the exceptions).

Contractors have formulas that tell them required ratios of return vs. supply vents, and size standards.

Too often, a careless, low-bid contractor will comply by installing one, large “central” return vent. When ducts are too small or poorly designed, your HVAC runs longer, laboring to vacuum the stale, trapped air from the far reaches of this lone, return vent. Higher energy bills and hot/cold areas in the house are the result of central returns or too few returns.

In most cases, we can add return vents where needed. This simple remedy has brought more joy to homeowners than we can mention. Return vents vacuum the uncomfortable and stale air from the room. Now your air quickly enters the air-handler, is heated or cooled – and redistributed somewhere else throughout the house – all within seconds of the HVAC coming on. Finally, your rooms can better reflect the temperature on your thermostat!

Don’t suffer the effects of a mismatch between your modern AC system and old-fashioned ductwork. Call us today and get your systems back in balance. You’ll love the comfort and savings! We are patient with the process. We are 100% motivated to get it right for you.

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