No one else has a Beau!

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No one else has a Beau!

At Bird Family Insulation, You only get the best. You get a Home Performance Professional, IN YOUR HOME, MANAGING YOUR MAKEOVER, who has grown-up in this industry. He is Beau Bird, and you can relax, and trust the outcome to him.

Age 10 
By age 10, Beau Bird was “loading the hopper”, while his Dad was installing cellulose insulation in an attic. Beau would homeschool ½ the day, and work with his Dad & older sister Abbey the rest of the day, serving homeowners throughout metro Atlanta.

We’d work in attics & crawlspaces, and spend another hour going door-to-door handing out flyers in neighborhoods all over Atlanta. By age 12, Beau was drilling & filling exterior walls. On larger jobs that required more hours, Abbey & Beau took their school books on the truck, doing their lessons, while Dad drove. I’ve heard 100’s & 100’s of multiplication and division math drills between those two siblings! 

Age 14

By age fourteen, Beau was managing our first crew of adult men, while Dad handled appointments. And our family business started growing. Abbey (by age 17) ran the office, and Beau worked with the men. A genuine family business.

BPI Youngster
At age sixteen, as much as I can figure, Beau became the youngest person in America to pass the BPI Building Analyst tests to become BPI Certified. (BPI = Building Performance Institute, the folks who advise Congress and Dept of Energy, EPA, etc on energy issues, as well as training & consulting utility companies with rebate programs). He’s been recertified many times since.

Beau has participated in literally 100s & 100s of hours of training over these many years. In addition to a lifetime of Home Performance training, Beau has a lifetime of experience transforming unhealthy, uncomfortable homes like yours, with issues just like your issues… into healthy, quiet, comfortable and affordable homes! 

1000’s of Successful Projects, and he’s not yet 30!
He’s improved the comfort in many 1000’s of homes, just like yours, to the enthusiastic satisfaction of homeowners throughout the southeastern U.S… but primarily, his day-to-day business is with metro Atlanta homeowners.

You benefit, by knowing that should anything come-up during your makeover, Beau Bird will only do what is right, and in your best interest. One hundred percent, 2nd Mile Performance is his passion. (Have you seen him play ball? His enthusiasm electrifies the whole team).

And he loves to communicate, keeping his clients informed. You want a few pictures of the work sent to your phone throughout the day? Beau will handle that.

You’re in the best of hands, with the greatest care, knowing that Beau Bird is personally supervising your Home Comfort Makeover!

Your Personal Expert who’s easy to Trust
He is an expert at getting homes comfortable, and he’s your personal expert while your comfort-makeover is underway; and for One Year afterwards, because of our famous Bird Family Promise.

It’s a rare moment when Beau talks on his phone for more than a minute or two while he’s on your property. He won’t be distracted, careless, or disinterested. While on-site, he’s 100% focused on you, your project, and your project goals… directing & leading his men like the natural leader he’s born to be.

We’ve all seen lazy contractors, characterized by poor discipline, late (or absent) to appointments. We’ve all seen men on their phones when they should be working. NOT on Beau’s crew! Punctual & efficient are words that describe Beau’s job sites.

Don’t Risk It… Beau is a Bird
Choose a competitor, and you’ll be taking your chances, because Beau is a Bird. And always will be.

I promise…
You Will Be Impressed with Beau & his Crew.

NO ONE ELSE has a Beau!

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