The Unforgettable, Margie Bird

Welcome friend!

My name is Bob, and I’m telling you this story about my Mom because you were given a God’s Promises booklet.

Born in 1928, in Savannah, GA and growing up on a 569 ac farm on the banks of the wild & scenic Ogeechee River – that’s my mom, Margie Bird.

She was a natural “people-person”. Full of true grit and an inner self-confidence that no-one could shake loose, and I mean no-one!

My Dad met Mom in TX while he was stationed there in the Air Force during the 1950s. He absolutely couldn’t resist her. I have always said, “Dad didn’t have a chance!” They saw each other for 3 months, and married. They were together for 56 years before Dad passed.

Mom fell in love with Jesus Christ while a youth in high school. But she allowed life, family and career to interfere with her early desire to faithfully serve Jesus. It was the late 1970’s before she and Dad began to surrender their lives to live for Jesus Christ and experience his rich destiny for their lives.

It began by sponsoring a youth group in their church. They were so successful at reaching youth for Christ, that they also served at the state and regional levels in their denomination.

Everything that they did and everywhere they served, they were seen as a couple. If one was there, the other was beside them.

They laughed out loud, were seen kissing each other often, had fun, always held hands, and made sure that life was an adventure! Generosity and encouragement were their middle names.

They were one-another’s greatest cheerleader, and together they cheered for everyone that God brought across their paths.

The Calendar Booklet of Bible Promises that you hold in your hand became especially important to Mom after Dad passed away in December, 2011.

She would buy these in bulk, and faithfully hand them out to strangers whenever someone would linger a few moments at her contagious smile, kind words and twinkling eyes.

Margie’s Sincere Ice-Breakers

“That sure is a beautiful red purse you have there! Are all your purses this pretty?”

“I don’t believe I’ve seen a pair of shoes polished as bright as yours are! Were you in the military?”

“Your child is so well behaved. I know you’re proud of him! Has he started school yet?”

“You can go ahead of me, I see you have frozen items in your buggy! Have you a long drive from here?”

Mom had so many “icebreakers” that we couldn’t keep up with them!

The “Interruption” Became Her Immediate Top-priority!

When she found herself in a Divine Appointment, it didn’t matter who they were, how long the check-out line was behind us, or how much her brief conversation slowed down others.

Nothing was more important than the precious individual who had just become the most important person in her life.

In four or five sentences, Mom would have her new “BFF” sharing a need or burden that was weighing them down. She’d take their hands and ask permission to pray that God intervene.

“How long has it been since someone held your hands, and prayed for you?”

Sometimes the answer was a broken, whispered “I can’t remember when anyone last prayed for me…”.

Her enthusiasm for a Jesus-filled life was contagious. And she really believed that the Holy Spirit of God would fill every one of us – not just the “super Christians”.

Everyone is a Candidate for Mom’s “Divine Appointments”

While shopping for shoes, Mom prayed with a male store clerk at Belks and he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior right there in the store, while holding Mom’s hands.

She prayed with folks over the phone, and led them in prayer to accept Jesus as their personal Savior… while on the phone.

When she slowed down and drove less, she took up writing notes and cards of encouragement. She would write notes for hours… faithfully encouraging others with the promises she had read in the Bible.

No matter what the experience was – she always had an “extra” God’s Promises booklet that she would give away, and explain that this is simply a booklet of God’s promises from the Bible.

She'd Say...

“It’s nothing else. It’s not teaching you a denominational message nor will it tell you where to go to church.

“Plain and simple: this booklet lists a Bible promise for every day of the month. You need to start encouraging yourself with God’s promises. The Bible is full of His promises for you!”

God’s promises in the Bible are true and can be trusted!

And He wrote each of those promises for you, for my Mom, and for me!

No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, look-up today’s date in your booklet and find God’s promise that will speak specifically to encourage you today.

And I Want You to Imagine That Margie is Holding Your Hands, and Praying Something Like This With You:

“Dear Lord, thank you for a new friend today! You know how much I love making new friends, and You brought (your name) and I together for these few moments so that you could bless him (her). Lord, I’m praying that right now (your name) is feeling in his (her) heart your sweet Holy Spirit, motivating him (her) to further open his (her) heart to your son Jesus Christ as his (her) personal savior. Thank you for hearing the cry of his (her) heart and revealing yourself in the hours and days to come as he (she) reads your promises in your word. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.”

Thank you for taking these moments to get to know my Mom, and her story of how she discovered this simple way of bringing hope & encouragement to others.

Choosing Your Bible

I would hear her tell others that you need a Bible that you can understand. Her personal favorites were these:

  • New Kings James Version (NKJV)
  • New International Version (NIV)
  • New Century Version (NCV, not currently being printed, but plenty are available as used editions).

These are Holy Bibles. The translations are a little different from one to another. You can trust them.

If you don’t have a Bible, one of those I’ve listed should be perfect for you and easy to find.

Get a Bible Written With Words You Can Understand

May I add one more thing? Get a Bible that is fun & pleasant to read!

  • The NIV Bible is written at a 7th grade comprehension level.
  • The NKJV Bible is written at a 7th-9th grade comprehension level.
  • The New Century Version Bible is written at a 3rd grade comprehension level. (My Dad’s favorite).

The Bible is nothing to be afraid of. God’s message is very consistent, so much so that it’s repeated over and over in the Bible:

He loves you, and He wants you to respond to His love by trusting Him with your life.

It’s really a simple message. The Bible is His personal diary of how He interacts with his creation on earth.

❖ He wants to be your Heavenly Father.

❖ He wants to be your most intimate friend.

❖ He wants to fill every void in your soul, so that you can finally stop searching for something that will never fulfill nor satisfy you.

What the Bible Calls, “Being Born-Again”

Are you confused, and unsure or doubtful that you belong to God?

If you were to die today, I know you’d want to be sure that you’re going to Heaven, where you will enjoy an eternity with God.

With child-like faith, simply pray like I prayed in 1979. After you sincerely pray like this, you are “born again”, and you will know that you are a Christian! (Christian = “follower of God”).

  1. “Lord, I know that I’ve sinned – I confess that I have ignored you much or all of my life.
  2.  I believe that Jesus Christ, your Son, died for me – that He took my place on the cross, to pay the penalty for my sins.
  3.  I ask you now to become my Savior, fill my heart with your presence – and make me a child of God.
  4.  Thank you Lord! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


This sample prayer is just like the one I heard Mom use while praying with others, during her many “Divine Appointments”.

Ask for Your Next Divine Appointment

Now that you have read her story, why don’t you ask God to give you a Divine Appointment with a stranger today, or tomorrow?

Give Him permission to interrupt your schedule or routine. Have your “ice-breakers” ready!

When that special person lingers in your presence because of your sweet smile, twinkling eyes, and kind words – I want you to be confident that this person is being drawn to you by God.

God wants you, like Margie was, to be a missionary of love and encouragement to someone needing to hear about the wonderful, miracle-working promises He has for them!

Now you begin writing your Unforgettable story!