Looking Back On Our Successful Insulation Transformations Throughout the Year

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Looking Back On Our Successful Insulation Transformations Throughout the Year

The months have been passing by so quickly. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun! And we’ve definitely been enjoying ourselves with the work we’ve been doing. Seeing how happy our clients are thanks to our team’s hard work has been quite fulfilling.

For this week’s blog post, we decided to look back on some of our crew’s insulation transformations. We appreciate the effort they put into everything they do! Combining an industrious team and high-quality services have led to the success of many of our projects. Check them out below.

Attic Insulation Upgrade in Atlanta

Now let’s get started with this attic in Atlanta! Glancing at the before photo, you can see bare spots all over the place. Their existing fiberglass insulation was old, sub-par, and non-performing.

Because we see our clients as our family, we always make sure to consider their budget. Taking our client’s budget into consideration, we offered our affordable insulation upgrade. The crew added over 9 inches of fresh cellulose to this attic!

Effective Cellulose Insulation for Atlantan Homeowners

Our Atlanta clients just love the wonders of cellulose insulation! This next project has us working with that type of insulation yet again. Before our services, his air-conditioning unit would never blow 73 degrees in their upstairs bedrooms. Because of this, this part of their living space was hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable.

To address this, we started by sealing and insulating the ducts in their attic with spray foam insulation. Next, we added Applegate Bora Spray attic insulation all over the attic floor. To seal the deal, we even insulated the hatch lid of their attic with a slab of foam insulation.

With an infrared thermometer, our client was able to check the amazing results—his AC temps are almost 20 degrees colder! With such a dramatic improvement, our client and his family can now relax in their now comfortable upstairs bedrooms.

Platinum Crawl Space Insulation Service in East Atlanta

We don’t just work on attics. Our team also specializes in crawl space insulation!

This next featured project takes us to a crawl space underneath a 1930’s East Atlanta Bungalow. The outside of their house was very charming, but it had a dirty little secret—the crawl space was an absolute nightmare.

As all Atlantans now, we are well known for our high humidity. This humidity can wreak absolute havoc in our vented crawl spaces. Moisture levels rise, rodents multiply, and the spaces become a very unhealthy place to have in your home.

The crew evaluated the crawl space and recommended the Platinum service. This involved:

  • Completely cleaning up the area under their house

  • Applying a mold treatment

  • Installing a waterproof, puncture-resistant pad to cover the soil

  • Installing a 12-MIL reinforced vapor barrier up to the foundation walls 12 inches above soil grade

  • Sealing and insulating foundation walls and vents with Lapolla closed cell spray foam insulation

  • Wrapping and sealing support piers

  • Installing a Moisture Medic dehumidifier

  • Installing a combustion-air device and Fresh Air device

  • Constructing an isolation wall between her front porch and crawl space

  • Installing LED bulbs into their fixtures

  • Installing a wireless hygrometer

With our premium services, our clients always get premium care. This homeowner us now trouble-free, with an accessible crawl space that smelled fresh all year round. She can even monitor the temperature and humidity levels from her easy chair! Now, that definitely sounds like comfortable living.

Upgrading Old Rockwool Insulation in a Dunwoody Attic

This last project is located in Dunwoody, Georgia.

To start with, our client’s attic had more random content than rockwool insulation! We started by cleaning everything. The team removed the old decking so they could successfully remove the old, ineffective rockwool insulation. We then airsealed the attic floor with Pestblock expanding foam to make sure no unwanted pests or air could come through the entry points.

We then removed the disadvantageous radiant barrier foil they had installed in their roofline. In order to properly insulate the space, we added over 40 additional 2×6 joists to elevate the new decking. We then insulated the attic floor with fresh, new R-50 Applegate cellulose insulation.

It was a very labor-intensive process, but it was definitely worth it. With the Comfort Makeover complete, this home;s resale value has increased by an average of 5% thanks to our exclusive Pearl Certification documentation. It’s definitely a reason to celebrate! Our client was so overjoyed, she tipped our crew. Everybody happy!

You, too, can be one of our happy clients by increasing your energy savings and living space comfort. Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.

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