Save on Attic Insulation Services with Snapping Shoals EMC Rebate

Is your home too hot? too cold? We can fix that! Read on for details.

Snapping Shoals EMC Rebate Details!

Message from Bird Family Insulation

If you are a Snapping Shoals EMC customer you can receive a rebate of 50 percent of the cost of upgrading your home’s insulation!

(the maximum rebate is $400)  

What are the requirements to receive the SSEMC Rebate for Attic Insulation?

1. The house must be serviced by SSEMC.
2. It must have been built prior to 2016.
3. Requires bringing the R-value in your attic up to R-38.
4. “Before” and “after” photos must be provided in order to qualify for the insulation upgrade rebate.
5. Once we finish your R-38 attic insulation upgrade, use this link to apply for your rebate! 

Call us at (404) 538-9168 or email us at to make an appointment

-> Spring Special! 

$2,000 Any Attic* <-

Now until May 31st, 2023 

What does this special offer include?

  • Attic insulation improved to R38!
  • Any* attic up to 1,800sqft. *exceptions apply. For larger attics, add $2/ft2 for each additional square foot over 1800 ft2!
  • We use loose-fill insulation (blown out of a hose) into your attic.
  • Includes before and after photos, for your rebate!
* Attic floor must have a minimum of several inches pre-existing attic insulation. Attic floor cannot be empty (bare of insulation), nor a new construction or remodel project.

A Personal Note From Bob Bird:

This is my SSEMC Special FLAT RATE Pricing. It does not include any additional measures or services. We are adding fresh, new insulation on top of your existing attic insulation. Coverage will be R-38.  Remember, we will ask for a 20% down payment ($400) when you schedule your job with Savannah in our office.

You are about to participate in Direct – to – Bob Buying! Please DO NOT use my website calculators, nor ask for a Virtual Estimate over the phone. If you do, your estimate will be far more expensive, because I’m offering SSEMC customers a huge deal with this offer. 
If you are contacted by one of my BFI Attic Pros, please disregard the contact.
You only want to speak with Savannah in our office (404-538-9168). She will schedule your project, and answer your questions.  You can call or text her at that #. Tell her you are wanting the SSEMC, R-38 Rebate Special.




1. I can temporarily offer this exceptionally low rate because I’m not paying commissions – you are hiring my company directly through me, Bob Bird. To get the $2000 flat rate, you call or text Savannah at 404-538-9168. Do not use my website calculators or get a virtual phone estimate by my attic pro.

2. We can perform multiple jobs in a day, because of the SSEMC territory. We aren’t driving all over the Atlanta region.

3. Most of you will only ask for this special R-38 service. It’s my (bare bones) BLOW-AND-GO service that rewards you with more attic insulation, and qualifies you for the SSEMC $400 rebate. You win with lower heating/cooling bills and a dramatically more comfortable home! My crew wins because we aren’t spending a lot of time prepping your attic and installing accessories.

4. We by-pass my $50 Consultation Fee and the preliminary “Attic Evaluation” appointment. I save money by not driving out to your house for the preliminary attic evaluation. And you save money by not paying my $50 consultation fee.

5. HONESTLY, this is an experiment. I’m going to try this until the end of May. If it’s win-win for you and me – we may continue it. But honestly, come June, we hit our BUSY season and I can’t be doing these tiny $2000 attics when my average attic invoice for this type service is $3100. I hope you understand.  


READ THIS:  By the way, if you pay my invoice with your credit or debit card, I’m going to add 3.5% for the processing fee. Your invoice will actually be $2070.  If you pay your Down Payment and job invoice with checks, it’s $2000.


God Bless You!