Instant Shade Tree

sealing and insulating ducts and upgrading insulation to r50

What is our "Instant Shade Tree"..

and why do you need it?

Does your AC struggle to cool your living space? Is your HVAC located in your attic? Have you considered an attic encapsulation?
Then our Instant Shade Tree service is PERFECT for you!

This service includes 2-phases:

Phase 1: Sealing and Insulating your ducts 
  • Use Spray Foam to Seal & Insulate Your Air Duct System!
  • Spray foam is low-pressure, unheated, closed-cell foam.
  • We position/maneuver flex ducts for improved efficiency & airflow, before the foam hardens.
  • Accessible Return & Supply Plenums are sprayed, sealed & insulated.
  • Before we spray your ducts with foam insulation, we take the time for the following minor acts:

    1. Reattach any disconnected ducts.

    2. Reattach any disconnected duct insulation.

    3. Splice any section of crushed flex duct with new air duct.

    4. Remove (cut away) excess duct length.

    5. Support sagging ducts.

    6. Remove kinks, sharp bends and twists in the air ducts. (Very common).

    7. Remove excessive coiled or looped ducts.

Phase 2: Upgrade your attic insulation to a minimum of R-50, with high-density, high-performance cellulose insulation.
  •  Airsealing the attic floor. Such as accessible bath exhaust fans and HVAC boots; and around large sewer pipe vents.
  •  Airseal any accessible chases or bypasses.
  • Install rulers & baffles. For continuous soffit vents, we install one baffle every 10′.
  • Install a chimney dam, if needed.
  • Wrap any hot flue pipe with a fire-retardant wrap, to protect form contact with insulation. (Required Code restriction).
  •  Install a length of flexible duct on any unvented bath exhaust fan, and direct the exhaust toward an existing source of roof ventilation.

2022 Average Invoice
for an Instant Shade Tree – $9,000

Read more about our recent projects:

Totally exceeded our expectations!  Our home has some unique needs due to its age and the fact that it has been added on to a couple of times.  Bird Family Insulation advised us not on product approach but consultative approach of the best way to handle different parts of the home to achieve the best outcome.  They can handle anything, but most importantly they are utmost professional and do what they say and great communicators in the process as well  They will be the only people to touch our home when it comes to insulation!!

 – Steve E., Atlanta

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