How the Dentist’s Chair Reminded Me of the Importance of Client Feedback

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How the Dentist's Chair Reminded Me of the Importance of Client Feedback

Many years ago, when our company was about 2 years old – I had a homeowner tell me, Bob,when you’ve gotten the sale, STOP TALKING!”

Thankfully, I learned a lot from that seasoned gentleman. He went on to teach me, “Bob, when the client has said ‘yes’ to your proposition, he is telling you he’s ready to begin the transaction. He’s satisfied with his research, and he’s satisfied with your presentation. He wants to schedule the work, period.”

My mistake? I had ignored his statement, “I’m sold Bob, let’s do this!”, and dribbled on and on through my (rehearsed) presentation! I come from a proud line of talkers… I get it!


Dribbling is for basketball players, not professionals in a service industry, seated at your table.

The other day, I was in the Dentist’s chair. He was doing two hours of work in my small mouth. It’d taken THREE pain-killing shots to get the areas numb where I could tolerate the procedure. He said to me, “Bob, try to relax.”

It would have been easier to relax, had Alaska State Troopers not been playing on the TV in front of me! Car chases, sirens, shooting, children screaming & crying, drunken fights… Really?

Couldn’t we have a peaceful nature show? Something like ‘how bees pollinate’, or ‘how salmon migrate’?

My thought: When he sends me an email, asking for my feedback, I’ll mention this. But no such email ever came.

Your Caring and thoughtful Client Feedback is imperative if real learning & improvement is to occur here! That’s why we spend part of our advertising budget on software that automates this process, so we never forget to ask. Your feedback is like the top bun on the hamburger! Without thoughtful client feedback, we’ve not actually completed our job. It’s like taking a test and never knowing the grade. No feedback… “I guess we passed”.

The Crushed Flower Bed

A while back, I received a photo by text message. I didn’t know who it was from. Shortly after the photo was received, I got a follow-up msg: “Your truck turned around in my driveway, and crushed my flowers”. The photo was of a deep tire rut through the soft soil of her flower bed.

After calling the number, I learned that our crew was working for a neighbor. She didn’t want to get the driver in trouble… “I just wanted you to know, so you can instruct them to be more careful when using a driveway for turning around.”

Because of her kind feedback, we implemented some changes, and promptly sent her a $50 Lowes gift card with a hand-written note, “We sincerely thank you for taking a minute to help us improve… ”

Managing a service business has taught me that taking a minute to give sincere feedback is very important. Afterall, how hard is it to enjoy a hamburger, with all the ‘fixins’, and not have a top bun? Not a real pleasure. Companies who are sincere about honoring and improving service to their clients, need our feedback.

We thrive on your feedback! You can text or call our office number, or email us at

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