How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost in Atlanta?

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Written by Bob Bird, Bird Family Insulation

In this current economic chaos, I’m learning that price-stability is fickle and virtually non-existent.

You know it too!

Gas & diesel prices fluctuate wildly because of most any type of political issue – whether real or fake.

Grocery and food prices are climbing as if they are on the first hill of the Six Flags Scream Machine roller coaster!

Real estate prices for houses and rentals are breathtakingly high. I simply cannot understand the huge real estate bubble.

So, for me to write a blog post about attic insulation prices is not easy. Prices for all sorts of items are all over the board!

Can you believe? While writing this article, I received a call from my supplier, notifying me of another rate increase from Applegate. Effective in FIVE days!

In 2021, my insulation manufacturer, Applegate Cellulose Insulation – increased their rates twice. And in early 2022, we’ve already had another price increase. (Did you see my text box? Make that TWO increases already this year!)

Prior to 2021, I cannot recall a price increase from Applegate for several years. Yes, I said several years!

Cellulose Shouldn’t be Expensive!

Our cellulose insulation is simply recycled paper, treated with all-natural boric acid. It’s 100% recycled material, (except for the borate). And there’s only a few electric drums (“grinders” that shred and reduce the paper to tiny, tiny pieces), connected by conveyor belts, the injector that introduces the borate, and a packaging and wrapping machine at the end of the line.

Recycling paper into cellulose insulation is a pretty low tech endeavor. Low tech means low cost, and dependable operations that require only a handful of folks to manage.

I believe the simplistic technology surrounding the recycling of paper into cellulose insulation is why the price structure has been so stable over the 20+ years that I’ve been doing this.

You might notice that I am not an economist, and I’m not an expert on manufacturing costs. I’ve simply been inside the Toccoa (location) plant, more times than I can count.  I am an entry-level student of economics. (Hebrew economics to be specific – the economics that God taught the Hebrews of the old testament).

Hebrew Economics

As it relates to money, I’ve tried to apply what I’ve read in the Bible: Basically live within your means, avoid debt, live generously, and tithe 10% of my increase to God. I like to think of tithing as Profit Sharing. God gave me the earth and all that is within it, and gave me my mind, health, and strong body to create as much wealth as I choose. In return, I give back 10% of my increase (profit).

Back to the Subject…

In my opinion, these multiple price increases are not due to internal causes with paper and recycling. No, not at all. These rate increases are due to unrelated, outside forces that are affecting the cost of doing business in America!

Paper and cardboard are not more scarce than before the lockdowns began. We don’t have less fuel, less trucks, limited electricity, etc. that are driving up our costs. Our cost of doing business is being driven up by outside factors that we have no control over!

There are shortages in the supply chain that limit our scope of work. For instance, I cannot get low-pressure, closed cell foam chemical. And I don’t know why. Because of this lack of material, we aren’t spraying air ducts with low-pressure, unheated closed cell foam insulation. Those services are paused.

We have a waiting list of homeowners who are ready for this service – but we all have to wait for other forces more powerful than us, to let us all get back to work doing what we were doing before 2020 began.

Bob’s Average Rates

Nevertheless, here is a snapshot of my pricing and the cost of our services as it relates to 2021.

My average invoice for an Attic Bump-Up, in 2021, was $3158.

My average invoice for an Attic Makeover, in 2021, was $5692.

My average invoice for a Bonus Room Makeover, in 2021, was $3950.

Most other services are paused at this writing.

Will my invoices in 2022 be higher? I suspect that they will be. In fact, I am convinced that my invoices are, on average, higher already this year than last year’s averages.

Have our wages increased with these rate increases? Not at all. The Bird Family is doing all we can to keep from passing on the increasing costs-of-doing-business.

Why I Share My Pricing to You

My competitors don’t share their rates and average invoices with the public. I can’t speak for them. You’ll have to schedule appointments, sit through kitchen table presentations, wait for estimates to show up in your email, leave messages and wait for a call-back. And on-and-on, as they do business as usual.

But one thing I’m learning from Amazon & Walmart is that consumers want the best price, for the highest quality (5 star reviews), and have it immediately.

Bird Family Insulation is the Amazon of Home Performance Companies

Bird Family Insulation is aware of the changing mindset of homeowners. Therefore, we are becoming more and more transparent with our pricing and systems, so it’s easier for you.

For instance, now you can get an immediate online estimate for our Attic Bump-Up service, our Attic Makeover service, and our Bonus Room Makeover service.

  • Immediately on the next business day, you will receive a phone call from Dan, to participate in your Virtual Estimate, where he will answer your questions and discuss all aspects of your prospective service.
  • You’ll Immediately receive a link to our online appointment scheduler, upon learning that you’re ready to move forward with scheduling Bob to your house to evaluate your attic, while he confirms the measurements from your virtual estimate.
  • Ready to schedule your project? Bob carries a wireless credit card scanner and immediately takes your down payment and schedules your job on-the-spot.

No more do you need to be “in the dark” about the costs of attic insulation! Now you know the average cost in the Atlanta market for a homeowner to upgrade their existing attic insulation, and now you know the average cost for a homeowner to have his old insulation removed, the attic prepped, and fresh cellulose insulation installed! That’s our Attic Makeover service.

And you also know the average cost to have a bonus room reinsulated properly, so that it can be more comfortable.

You Have The Power!

Knowledge is power. And you now have the knowledge to make an informed and wise decision regarding what to do with your attic, and what it may cost.

Here is my one last comment: If you have old fiberglass insulation, and you’re not comfortable – consider upgrading to high-performance Bora Spray cellulose insulation installed by Bird Family Insulation. I promise you – you won’t be sorry.

Bird Family Insulation is the home performance company in north Georgia (the Atlanta market) that all the others are compared to.

Look at their internet content, and look at ours… and it’s obvious who cares the most, and who’s most interested in solving your comfort and indoor air quality concerns.

We’ve helped thousands of your neighbors, is it time that we helped you?

You can get started now by clicking here!:

God Bless You! Thanks for reading –
Bob Bird

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