How A Whole House Dehumidifier Will Help Your Home

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Why You Probably Need a Flowhood Test on your Air Ducts, TODAY!

Problem: Your house is too humid in the spring and summer. Or, perhaps stated another way, your thermostat says the temp is ok, but you still feel hot and stuffy. I am convinced that in many of the houses I visit on a daily basis if we did a better job of drying out the air in our houses, we would not need as much AC.

Here’s how Bird Family Insulation is addressing the problem, and doing it in an affordable way for our clients!

Steps for Installing a Whole House Dehumidifier

  1. Install a Whole House Dehumidifier.
  2. Attach the intake and the exhaust side of the dehumidifier into the return side of the existing HVAC ducts.
  3. Add a fresh air intake.
  4. Set the timer on the dehumidifier to operate the fresh air damper a few minutes every hour, based on your testing.
  5. Wire the dehumidifier into the HVAC board, so the dehumidifier can operate the air handler’s fan, on demand.
  6. Initially set the RH setting to 50% on the control panel.

How Does It Work?

Every hour, the WH dehumidifier fan will run for 5 minutes, sampling the air from the house. Because the unit is attached to your return ducts, it is sampling (and drying) the air from the entire area served by that HVAC system. If the RH is above the setting on the control panel, the unit’s compressor comes on and dries the air! If the RH is within the accepted range, the unit stops and waits until the next hour for another sample.

Benefits of Filtered, Fresh Air

Filtered, conditioned fresh air is provided through the fresh air device, via the timed relay. Fresh air allows us to tighten the house for optimum efficiency and comfort, and dramatically improves indoor air quality. This wonderful benefit happens independently of and without the AC or furnace coming on! It simply uses the fan operation. Are you tired of smelling your house?

Humans prefer the RH inside our homes to be between 40-50%. Keeping it in that range means your 3 tons (or more!) of AC doesn’t have to run in an attempt to dry the air for your comfort, all the while getting the house colder than you need, and electric bills at summer rates climbing.

This whole house dehumidifier really shines on days of mild temperatures with humid weather…. which is about 25% (or more) of our year here in metro Atlanta and north Georgia!

Bird Family Insulation Is Atlanta’s Choice

We offer a variety of insulation and air duct sealing services to Atlanta and the surrounding communities. To find out more how we can help you, give us a call today.

Total cost to install? Expect about $2,500 – $3,200.00. Call our office to discuss our specials and rebate options! (404) 666-8160

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