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“Bob, what’s the warranty on your attic insulation?

“Is there a guarantee with your work?”

Probably 10% of my homeowners eventually ask about my warranty or guarantee. Most never mention it, and I think that’s because they have looked at the 200+ 5 STAR Google Reviews for our attic insulation upgrades… and figure there’s no risk with our company.

They’re 100% correct.

My First Public Promise To Atlanta Homeowners
Believe it or not, for the first 10 years or so of our business, I had the following promise printed on every quote: “You must be enthusiastically satisfied with your fresh, new insulation, or you won’t owe me a dime!”

In those first 10 years of business I only refunded one payment. And it wasn’t because she asked… it was because I insisted. Not only did I refund her money, (I went to the bank and withdrew cash to give to her), but I also sucked out all of my insulation less than 5 days after I’d installed it. Why? She continually accused me of something I was not responsible for, and I didn’t want her false accusations going public, leaving me to defend our company.

Big, Bad & Bold
Nowadays, my son Beau Bird is running the day-to-day  operations, and his guarantee is simple: “I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction with our service, or we’ll remain on your project until you’re completely satisfied!”

That’s a pretty bold promise to Atlanta.  And it puts you completely in control. If you are disappointed with our service, we immediately ask, “What will it take to satisfy you? Specifically, where have we disappointed you?

  • If it means staying longer for more work, we stay. 
  • If we need to return to the house and perform more work, we immediately return to the house.
  • If it means a redo, we perform the redo.
  • If it means discounting the invoice because the best we can do isn’t enough – we discount the invoice.

Your One Year ‘Any-reason’ Warranty
As for your warranty, here it is:

“For one year after your project, we remain in touch with you. If – for any reason – you ask us to return to your home to address anything related to our work, we will return immediately.”

Lots of Atlanta insulation contractors & companies hope you forget their name and number as soon as they deposit your check. Not us… we stay in touch! You’ve become family!

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