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IF you live in a house where the HVAC system is in your attic, and you’re not comfortable, here’s the remedy with the single greatest potential of meeting all your goals!

Tired of being uncomfortable in your home?

Are you spending big bucks buying your home, and it doesn’t satisfy your comfort needs?

Has your HVAC company put a “call block” on your phone number, because you’ve reamed-them-out so much due to not enough AC?

If I’ve just described you, and you live in an average 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, get $6000 together, and call me.

You deserve to be comfortable in your own home!

Here at Bird Family Insulation, we call this service our INSTANT SHADE TREE.

These Four Steps Will Reward You With Dramatically Improved Comfort
1. Air seal the attic floor, to reduce uncontrolled air infiltration. It’s not always necessary to go crazy with a 100% air-sealing package, but be certain to focus on the major spots of uncontrolled air infiltration.
We focus on these major areas of air infiltration when we “Bump-up” attic insulation:
> Around bathroom exhaust fans and kitchen exhaust hoods.
> Around air duct boots in the ceiling.
> Every chase or drop soffit, without exception.
> Hollow walls between bathrooms, (walls without top plates) where plumbing is located.
> Around any hot flue.
> Around recessed light fixtures.

2. Bump-up the existing attic insulation to R-50, using cellulose insulation. Now, here is a big deal that has to be followed: this needs to be cellulose insulation that is installed over the pre-existing stuff. Do not use fiberglass… it should be cellulose.
Why only use cellulose insulation in your attic? Cellulose attic insulation is high density insulation, and it always works to install high density insulation over low density (such as fiberglass) insulation. The high density nature of cellulose insulation actually blocks air flow, and when installed over porous fiberglass insulation, the convective heat loss in the fiberglass stuff is dramatically reduced!

3. Install an Attic Stair Cozy. The access into your attic is a large hole in your ceiling. Unless you have a walk-out door into your attic, that large opening needs to be sealed and insulated. The Attic Tent is an excellent brand for sealing and insulating that huge hole in your ceiling!

4. Now this is a really big part of the success of your project: Seal & Insulate your Ducts, using spray foam insulation. I am very specific with the type of spray foam insulation used for this service. Only use low-pressure, unheated, closed-cell spray foam insulation when spraying your air ducts. This is the only foam insulation I have found to be virtually odor free. I’ve NEVER had a complaint about odor from this service.
Keep the coverage between a minimum of 1” to 1.5” throughout the entire duct system. Include the plenums too. Be sure to pull the insulation back from the boots and spray the entire boot where it attaches to the sheetrock.

This is key: Before spraying the ducts with spray foam, straighten out the kinks, twists, pinched & squeezed spots, tight 90 degree bends, etc and hold the flex duct in the improved position as you spray. The foam will quickly harden and maintain the efficient design forever! Now, you’ve just improved the airflow through these ducts, making them airtight, and the spray foam has made them impervious to the inferno-like temperatures in your vented attic!

$6000, more or less gets you comfortable!
Sometimes these jobs get more expensive than $6000. But generally, for an attic of 1400 ft2 or less, with one air duct system – the investment will be approximately $6000.
If the house is on Georgia Power lines, this type of project will qualify for at least a $250 rebate, and could earn upwards over $550 in rebates! As a qualified, participating contractor with Georgia Power, we earn rebates on a weekly basis for our clients!

Odor Free Spray Foam on your Air Ducts!
If you’re concerned about the risks of lingering odors accompanied with the traditional spray foam attic encapsulation, the Instant Shade Tree from Bird Family Insulation is a popular alternative that rewards our homeowners with similar results, for about the same or less investment!
Using the Instant Shade Tree service, we are combining HVAC, Airsealing, and Insulation into one efficient service that is rewarding our clients with dramatically more comfortable homes with improved Indoor Air Quality – for a far less investment than hiring separate professionals and hoping that their services complement each other!

– Bob Bird
Bird Family Insulation

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