Get Ready for Winter!

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Get Ready for Winter!

Every winter, usually in mid December, I get a phone call and it always goes a little something like this….
“Bob, my house is FREEZING, incredibly drafty, and everyone is uncomfortable. I need a solution and FAST, what do I do!?”

This conversation is a pure example of why we push these blogs and emails to our clients and homeowners in our area, because we CARE about your comfort. Since we have been in this business for 19 years, we’ve learned when folks are going to be most uncomfortable and we want to provide you a solution BEFORE this occurs; before we get backed up with business.

We want you to enjoy long term comfort for you and your family, and because of that we come to your home and give you a detailed evaluation of all the different parts of your home that you experience discomfort. These are some questions that we ask during our evaluation, which is free by the way

Can I check the orientation of the outside walls.

How much glass is in the outside walls, and what type of windows (and coverings) are there?

Is there heated space above and below the room?

Where is the HVAC Supply vent?

Where is the HVAC Return vent, (if it has one)?

What is the primary use for this room?

Is the room more uncomfortable in the summer or winter, morning or evening?

Have any other professionals discussed this issue with you? What did they say?

Where’s the thermostat located, relative to this room?

With this exercise completed for each uncomfortable room / zone, I head to the attic and (when needed) the crawlspace or basement, for more evaluations.

After this evaluation, we send you a proposal with all of the details that explain the comfort improvement that you will be serviced with! This is a solution to this phone call that will be long term!

You can see the efficiency of insulation in your attic, especially spray foam insulation.. Check out the difference of the snow on the roof. It hasn’t melted because the heat has not escaped!

Needing to save the necessary funds for a large project like this?

Here are some tips for quick relief for these homeowners calling me mid winter about their suffering due to freezing weather

Open your blinds or curtains. On those sunny days, allow the sun’s direct rays to shine through your glass. Capture that radiant energy, it’s free!

Close your blinds or curtains. As soon as sundown hits, close the blinds or curtains, so you don’t lose your heat as quickly. Remember: HOT always moves to COLD.

It’s usually warmer in the center of your home, rather than in rooms that share outside walls.

If you use your fireplace, keep in mind that it’s drawing your interior warm air out the chimney. That lost air is being replaced with outside (cold) air that you must heat. Using an airtight insert is the most efficient way to use your fireplace!

Not using your fireplace? Close the damper! Don’t have a damper? Seal the opening with cardboard, or at the least, shove newspaper into the chimney. Put a piece of bright yarn, or string with a trinket tied on the end, dangling out of the chimney. That way you (or a friend) won’t forget the chimney is sealed, before lighting a fire! You can purchase an inflatable chimney “balloon” that seals odd shaped chimneys, or use a beachball.

I’ve never tried the painter’s plastic interior window kits. The idea is to staple or tape the thin plastic sheet over the window, attaching it to the window frame. Using your hairdryer, heat the plastic until it’s taunt. During my years in the low-income weatherization program, I’ve been in many houses that had plastic over the windows. I am told that It works best at sealing out cold drafts.

Do you have a door with a gap underneath it, that allows cold air to trespass into your home? Place a rolled or folded towel at the base of the door, to plug that gap!

These tips are simple, easy to perform, and don’t cost much money to implement. Scores of ideas haven’t been mentioned, just for brevity’s sake. I bet you can think of a few that I should’ve added!

We want you to walk into winter feeling comfortable, so let’s work together to make that happen! If you have questions, or concerns from anyone’s opinion or proposal, contact us. You don’t have to suffer. Call, text, or email my office. At Bird Family Insulation, we’re here to help!

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