Doesn’t sealing & insulating my attic with spray foam increase the area my AC & Heat has to serve?

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Doesn’t sealing & insulating my attic with spray foam insulation increase the area my AC & Heat has to serve?

Recently we had a homeowner struggling with the concept of sealing and insulating his attic with spray foam, because he thought we were adding more area that his AC and Furnace had to heat and cool.

After all, when we remove the old ceiling insulation, and use spray foam to insulate my roof deck, haven’t we just added the entire attic to the conditioned space… the area that has to be heated and cooled by my existing systems?

YES! (So you see, it’s easy to get confused with some of this science). Let me explain…

Spray foam insulation applied to your roof deck is superior to traditional ceiling insulation, because it deters the heat before it enters your house.

Ceiling insulation like fiberglass or cellulose, slows the flow of heat at the ceiling. The Atlanta summer-time attic is 130 – 140 degrees, and I’ve seen higher temperatures in tight, restricted attics under certain conditions!

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However, when we seal and insulate your attic deck using Lapolla odorless OPEN CELL spray foam, you’re protecting that attic from tortuous high temperatures.

In fact, our spray foam insulated attic temperatures rarely exceed a 15 degree variable from what the living space temperature is… on the most extreme day of the year… summer or winter!

Here’s the answer to the question posed in my article title: Yes, using spray foam, we have added your attic to the conditioned space. However, in a traditionally insulated attic (insulation on the ceiling), the attic is vented. When we seal the attic with spray foam, it’s as tight as a butter tub. One HUGE BENEFIT of the spray foam insulated attic is that conditioned air leakage from the AC / Furnace duct system is contained and used to condition the attic. In a vented attic, all of that expensive airflow is lost to the environment.

Think of it like this: Your leaky duct system is already heating and cooling your attic, but because it’s a vented attic, you’re wasting all of that energy!

And… because the temperature inside your sealed & spray foam insulated attic is so similar to the temperature in your living space, there is NO noticeable or calculable load on your existing AC or Furnace!

In fact, the opposite is now true!

Before you argue that you’re not heating and cooling your attic, remember, the U.S. Department of Energy website states that, “… the average American home with a forced-air furnace is losing 30% of the airflow due to leaky ducts”.

Your leaky ducts are heating and cooling your attic. But… it’s all a waste, until you seal and insulate your attic with SPRAY FOAM Insulation!

If you have an AC / Furnace system and/or ducts in your attic …

  • Imagine during the FIRST 90 SECONDS when your AC comes on, you immediately get cold air from your vents, instead of hot air!

  • Imagine your upstairs bedrooms being cool and comfortable, all afternoon & evening, on the hottest, most extreme summer day in Hot’Lanta!

  • Imagine your AC cycling on & off during the afternoons and evenings, instead of coming on at noon, and never shutting off until after midnight! Talk about adding life to your equipment!

  • Imagine the heat from your first floor furnace providing enough comfort for the 2nd floor, that rarely if ever the upstairs furnace comes on during our Atlanta winters!

  • Imagine your Indoor Air Quality dramatically improving so much, that your home has less allergens, and you dust less often!

  • Imagine the value of your home improving, permanently – because spray foam insulation is a permanent solution. It’s like having granite countertops in your attic!

  • Imagine when your current AC / Furnace system breaks down, you can replace it with a more affordable, SMALLER-sized unit, because your home is so much more efficient!

  • Imagine reducing your heating and cooling bills every month, so much that you pay off your credit cards for FREE, or pre-pay your mortgage by several years!!

YES, when we insulate your attic with spray foam, we have added the area to your conditioned space. But now you understand why homeowners rave & rave about the wonderful benefits they immediately realize when Bird Family Insulation crews install Spray Foam Insulation in their homes!

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