Does Do-it-Yourself Refrigerant Really Work?

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Does Do-it-Yourself Refrigerant ​Really​ Work?

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It’s been a really hot, muggy Atlanta summer. And, when you’re sitting in Atlanta traffic day-after-day… cold Air Conditioning inside your car makes it a little more bearable!

Sidenote: I’m 60 years old, and proudly brag that we didn’t have AC “when I was growing up!” And my children retort, “Dad, y’all didn’t have traffic back then, either!!”

Recently, my 2000 Ford Taurus (yep, my daily driver is that old!) decided to blow warm air from the vents. And the warm air became hot, humid air as the summer temps bore down on hot pavement and I began to think … oh no… this traffic jam is unbearable!

Early in our marriage (1987), when Deb and I decided to live debt free, we drove an old 1966 Chevy Bel Air I’d purchased for $500. Back then, using a Chilton’s manual, I learned how to add freon to that leaky GM AC system.

Ever-so-often, I’d dump a can of freon into the system, and magic: we’d get cold air from the vents! I bought so much freon, we kept a flat of it in the rear floor board… like a flat of Cokes!

So, drawing on my keen, sharp memory… I decided to save my hard earned Insulation dollars, and dump some refrigerant into my aging Taurus. Afterall, how much has automotive AC technology changed from 1966 to 2000? (IMO, not very much at all).

After watching 3 Youtube videos, I was ready!

● The can of refrigerant and the pressure gauge investment was about $35.

● Time invested was about 15 minutes.

● My Taurus is now blowing 35 DEGREE COLD AIR in my FACE!

● The hose / pressure gauge is reusable.

● Single cans of refrigerant cost about $25… for future refills! BOB, Does it Work?

YES! In my case, I’ve been getting frigid-cold air from my vents for a month now. I did this, because I hated to spend $800 for an AC repair to a car that has lots of miles & age. Now, if we homeowners could buy this stuff for our 3-ton systems at home … that would be a real game changer!

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