Do You Take Dieting Advice From Someone Severely Overweight?

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Do You Take Dieting Advice From Someone Severely Overweight?

How successful do you think overweight personal trainers are?
Would you hire a landscape guy who has the nastiest yard in the neighborhood?

Let me ask another question…
Who has the most enthusiastically satisfied clients: 
The landscape guy with a yard like Callaway Gardens, or the guy with ragged hedges, weeds & bare spots, & tall grass?
Of these two guys, who do you suppose has the happiestsatisfied clients?

Expert vs. Wannabe
The answers are obvious and rhetorical. The reason is because the guy who has Callaway Gardens for a yard is an expert, he’s a professional who takes his craft seriously.
He’s trained, trained, and keeps training, and studies and studies some more, applying what he learns every day. 
The professional applies what he has learned and has pride in his work, ignoring the pain it takes to get the results he’s expecting.

No Overweight Trainers Here!

So it is with contractors. We are (should be) professionals. You come to Bob’s house, Abbey’s house, or Beau’s house, (the Bird’s who currently own their homes) and you will find:

  • Sealed, Balanced & Insulated air-ducts.
  • Sealed & Insulated Crawlspaces, (encapsulated). With Moisture Medic whole-house dehumidifiers, and french drains with sump pumps.
  • Airsealed attics, with Applegate Bora-Spray Cellulose Insulation installed to R-50.
  • Double-pane windows. 
  • Programmable thermostats.
  • Bonus Room Makeover at Abbey’s house.


At Bird Family Insulation, we practice & apply what we teach & sell. We employ the same practices on our individual homes as we employ on yours. Because we are believers in what we do! 

You want a contractor who knows what to do, why he should do it, how to do it at your home under your unique circumstances, with tons of experience, AND who is confident that he can do it in a timely fashion without interrupting your family. 

And just as important, you need a contractor who will be accountable for his actions (or lack of). 

That’s why we’ve been in business 19+ years, with the same name & phone number, at the same bank, at the same address, and with the same supplier. We’ve been in the highly-successful Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program since its inception over 10 years ago!

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