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Insulation is an extremely important part of your home. Without good insulation, you’ll suffer from a host of problems, including indoor humidity issues, excessive wear on your heating and cooling systems, damage to your home’s structure, and so much more. However, while insulation is installed in every home that’s built, far too many companies won’t go beyond the bare minimum of what’s required—giving you the standard only and not going any further. For most homes, the standard insulation isn’t nearly enough to keep you completely protected and your home fully-insulated.

This is why Bird Family Insulation is proud to offer custom insulation design and installation services. We know every home is unique, so it’s to be expected that you have special insulation requirements compared to everyone else. We work with you to determine the best insulation solution for your needs and make sure your home has the functionality you need while keeping the spaces and areas you’re concerned about protecting.

Read on to check out some of our custom insulation installations we’ve done and see what we can do for you!

Addition Insulation

Adding square footage to your home? Weaving the new space into your insulation could be tricky. We recently helped a customer who was building a knee wall addition and needed to keep their space insulated to ensure even heating and cooling. Our team went in and thoroughly inspected the space to discover that a considerable space was hidden behind old insulation. Our guys went in and actually crawled into the exposed space, insulated the new addition, and made sure our customer would enjoy a more comfortable space in their new addition.

Finishing the Attic

We also recently helped a customer gain usable living space in what used to be their attic. We built the customer a new isolation wall, complete with a scuttle door in order to access the rest of the attic still. We then installed sprayfoam around the entire wall and ensured that the air ducts running through the space would be kept out of the way of the door and clear of the foam insulation installed in place.

This was a particularly difficult project, as we didn’t have access to the attic space above the customer’s kitchen. The customer was unaware of this, so we outfitted their home with a custom scuttle door in order to access the attic in this part of the home. This not only gives the customer access to this space in the future, but also enabled our team to install insulation in all of the necessary spaces.

Insulating Air Ducts With Spray Foam

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home is leaking roughly 30% of the conditioned air their system produces somewhere in their duct system. Air leaks can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the majority are so small they’re hard to detect and locate.

We can help with this common problem too! We offer spray foam insulation services for air ducts, much like this project we completed for another customer. With a spray foam insulation project, we not only seal off pesky air leaks with a permanent fix but prevent heat from intruding into the ducts themselves, where it can warm the air you’ve paid dearly to keep cool. Insulating the ducts That run through your attic or crawlspace could be a tremendous investment in your long-term comfort and in your energy efficiency.

We aren’t a handyman company, but if we need handyman services in order to finish a job, we work closely with our most trusted handyman who has a long history of outstanding workmanship and getting the job done right for our customers. We care for your home, and we’re proud to partner with a handyman who shares that same motivation and passion for what he does.

Interested in learning more about how spray foam insulation could help your home? Learn more about a custom installation by contacting Bird Family Insulation at (404) 666-8160 today.

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