Can your AC Vent be a Source of Hot Air this Summer?

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Can your AC Vent be a Source of Hot Air this Summer?

Can Your AC Vent be a Source of Hot Air this Summer?

The uncomfortable homeowner called our office and shared a very typical story with us.

“During the summer, my master suite doesn’t get cold enough for us. My husband says we need more insulation…. “

Savannah set the appointment, and I drove to her house for the free evaluation.

Was her husband right? Sort of.

Their AC system is in the attic. Not only that, but she had a vaulted ceiling above the master bedroom.

Company History

Her AC vents (two of them) were sandwiched in the vaulted ceiling. The opposite side of her vaulted ceiling was the roof. And it was behaving like a solar panel!

With a dark, black-colored shingle, the roof absorbs so much heat that it easily passes 140 degrees of heat into the vaulted ceiling, and the attic.

  • When the AC was cycled off, her AC vent was passing this heat directly into her bedroom! Notice the Infrared Photo in this article: when I took the picture, the air temperature COMING FROM THE VENT was already 93 degrees, and I had a morning appointment!
  • When the AC is cycled on, the initial airflow has to absorb this excessive heat load. It may take 3 or 4 minutes, or longer – before cool air blows from these two vents – each time the AC cycles!
  • I’ve seen lots and lots of vents like this, squeezed inside vaulted ceilings, positioned directly against the roof decking, and in some cases, these vents NEVER provide the degree of cold air that other vents provide, though they are on the same system.

Her Remedy Was Easy!

So, what was our remedy? It’s Obvious: Relocate the two pesky AC vents from the vaulted ceiling to a better (COOLER) location in her room, and upgrade the attic insulation.

Cost was apparently more than they were wanting to spend… so they didn’t see it as an investment, with immediate benefits. OR, my sales presentation needs improvement.

Either way, our homeowners thanked me for my professional advice, and that was the end of that!

Maybe they sold the house (probably not during the summer), and passed the annoying vents onto the next homeowners. Wouldn’t that be sad!

Air conditioning ducts are necessary to move air from the equipment to our bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and elsewhere. But as an 18 year old company, we find as many terrible issues with ducts, as we do with insulation!

Can an AC vent blow hot air? You Bet it Can! But… We Can Fix That!

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