By Noon on Friday…

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By Noon on Friday...


The bug man arrived at 8AM, to spray our house.

Debbie had left at 6:30, and left me explicit instructions: “Open all the windows after he leaves, so we don’t breathe those chemicals… “.

When he left at 9:15. I did as I was instructed.

I love the windows being open! Breezes and hearing the birds, really soothes my soul. So, guess what I did next?

I turned off the AC. And continued my office work.

Just before noon, she arrives home and gives the OK to “close-up the house!”

I looked at the thermometer and our interior temperature was only 76 degrees!

Our thermostat is set at 74 degrees, so I’m especially proud of our R-50 Applegate Bora-spray cellulose attic insulation.

BTW, R-50 is 15”. We have zero shade on our roof, and our shingle color is grey. My home is a 1750 ft2 ranch on crawlspace, built in 1976, with wood siding.

Some of you may not be impressed with my experience. However, I have involved conversations to anywhere from 2 to 6+ homeowners every day of the week, as I do my virtual appointments.

And I can just tell you, there are lots & lots of folks in metro Atlanta who would LOVE temperatures like mine, at noon, in their homes WITH the help of their AC!

What’s so special about my house?

  • R-50 cellulose attic insulation.

  • HVAC is located in my crawlspace. (My AC is 21 years old, but keeps giving me 56 degree airflow from my vents. It’s starting to wane, I can remember 50 degree airflow).

  • I added return vents, about 21 years ago.

  • My crawlspace is encapsulated, and insulated with closed-cell foam insulation on my foundation walls.

  • My windows were replaced with Pella insulated units, about 10 years ago.

BTW, outside temps were 81 degrees, and partly sunny.

What do you need to get your home more comfortable? Contact the office, and set up your virtual appointment with Bob today! We’re here to help! 

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