Bob’s Top Ten Reasons for Installing all-borate Cellulose Installation

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It’s no secret: Bob Bird, & Bird Family Insulation is a CELLULOSE Insulation Company! Everyone in the Atlanta region, who knows insulation contractors, knows that about us.
The Back Story

We first installed cellulose insulation at our Conyers home in 1998. My Father-in-law was living with us, and one summer day he said, “Bird, you should add more insulation in your attic. This AC runs all the time!”

At the time, Abbey was 11 yrs and Beau was 7 years old. We got the “free loaner machine” and a bunch of bags of cellulose insulation at Home Depot. The kids kept the machine loaded, while I was managing the hose in the attic.

Vegans, vs fiberglass

Why did I choose Cellulose and not fiberglass that fateful day? It was easy: We were all vegans, and I’m just as focused on what gets in my lungs as what goes in my mouth.

The results from just adding 6” cellulose were immediate and dramatic for us! I was an instant believer in cellulose insulation! (Since 1998, I’ve since added another 6”, so I have R-50). To date, our family has installed over 4 MILLION POUNDS cellulose insulation for Atlanta’s families in homes just like my Conyers ranch home.

May I tell you A SECRET?

> Only one homeowner has ever asked me to remove my cellulose insulation after installing it. (And she wanted it removed because of a perceived roof leak, not any reason related to us or our cellulose insulation).

Here are my TOP TEN Reasons for choosing all-borate cellulose Insulation over the fiberglass stuff:

  • Bora-Spray cellulose is safe for my two sons and our crews to install. Look at the entire back panel of EPA & installer warnings on a package of fiberglass insulation, compared to hardly any warning on the cellulose packaging. (After 22+ years since my first install, my lungs are still strong and healthy!)
  • Bora-Spray cellulose is safe for our clients. It’s the only insulation chosen by the American Lung Association to be installed in their headquarters!
  • Cellulose out-performs the fiberglass stuff in every category where it matters to you, the homeowner!
  • Cellulose won’t let you down in the extreme temperatures. Fiberglass actually loses R Value as temps fall below freezing and rise above 90! Cellulose maintains your thermal protection while fiberglass lets you down when you need it most.
  • When cellulose is added to a base of low-performance fiberglass, cellulose insulation actually restores the lost R Value to the fiberglass! However, adding fresh fiberglass to old, settled, under-performing fiberglass doesn’t have the same positive effect.
  • Fiberglass has a huge cost of embodied energy, while cellulose has hardly any embodied energy in comparison. (Embodied energy is the cost of energy to create & produce a product).
  • Bora-Spray cellulose insulation has only 2 ingredients: Recycled newsprint / consumer paper and all natural Borate. Fiberglass has stiffeners, color dyes, etc added.
  • Bora-Spray cellulose insulation qualifies as an exterminators product. The 11%+ content of Borate kills all insects and organisms like mold & mildew, etc. That’s why I often read in our surveys, “Bob, we’ve never seen so many dead bugs …”.
  • Bora-Spray cellulose insulation has a Class 1 Fire Retardant rating. You win, with peace-of-mind!
  • Bora-Spray cellulose qualifies as sound-deadening insulation. Its high density composition stops sound waves in their tracks! (I grew up in Forest Park and remember how the Atlanta Airport installed cellulose insulation in every attic in our neighborhood, as sound deadening because the bigger jets were lower to the ground & loud).

BONUS REASON: Bob loves the Applegate family. I’ve been in Aaron Applegates home in Michigan, and his family values align strongly with mine. The Applegate plant in Toccoa, Georgia benefits our Georgia economy. Plant manager Randy Beckett has been a trusted partner & sincere friend to our family since the early 2000’s. Not only do you have the Bird family standing behind the success of your project, you also have the Applegate family!

Does fiberglass insulation work? Sure it does. But why settle for less, when you can enjoy the value and benefits of exceptional Bora-Spray Cellulose insulation?

Eleven Words I’ve Never Heard
My Dad, Bob Sr, always taught me to “live every day without regrets”. And that reminds me of 11 words I have never heard:
“Bob, I wished you hadn’t added cellulose insulation in my attic!”

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