Attic Makeover

Removal of existing insulation and reinstalling to r40 or r50

What is our "Attic Makeover"..

and why do you need it?

Have you had a pest infestation in your attic? Do you need your attic cleaned, sanitized, air sealed, and reinsulated?
Then it is time to give your attic a MAKEOVER!

Attic Insulation Atlanta BG

This service includes 3-phases

Phase 1: Remove Insulation
  • Vacuum existing insulation from all accessible attic areas.
  • Powerful 75 HP vacuums (3 units). Insulation captured DUST-FREE in huge cloth vac bags, located in trailers parked outside. Disposed in landfill.
  • Accessible fiberglass batts removed by hand, tied in large plastic bags. Disposed in landfill.
    For lots of debris, please add a small charge for “hand-cleaning” the insulation before it is vacuumed.
  • For infestations, we can remove wood decking for a thorough clean-up. We add a small charge for this added work, based on size, and if the deck is to be reinstalled.
Phase 2: Sanitize & Attic Prep
  • Thorough application of scented sanitizing solution throughout attic space. Neutralizes & eliminates animal pherones, nasty smells, etc.
  • Install Rulers & Baffles as needed.
  • Using Pestblock expanding foam, we seal all accessible wire & pipe penetrations, gaps, voids, and top plates in the attic floor.
  • We seal around bath exhaust fans, and electrical junction boxes (attached to ceiling fans and light fixtures, and AC/Heat ceiling vents).
  • Using Rockwool, we wrap any HOT FLUE PIPES to protect your insulation from contacting these hot surfaces. (Req’d by law).
  • Install a 6’ length of flexible duct on any unvented exhaust fan.
  • Using Reflectix, (foil-faced bubble wrap) we seal chases and by-passes in your ceiling.
    Using Reflectix and Rockwool, we build a retaining wall for exterior chimneys.
  • Install a protective Fire-retardant TOPHAT on each of your recessed light fixtures, if they are not LED. $30 each, added to invoice.
  • Install your Attic Card.
Phase 3: Install your all-borate Cellulose Insulation
  • Install a comprehensive coverage throughout your attic areas.
    R-40 = 12”
    R-50 = 15”
  • Blow-out (clean) the condensation pan of any AC units in the attic.
  • If plywood decking is in your attic:
    Backfill & dense-pack insulation underneath the wood, for a comprehensive thermal barrier in your attic.
  • Blow the plywood decking clean of insulation.
  • If needed, we install your insulated, zippered deluxe Attic Stair COZY

2022 Average Invoice
for an Attic Makeover – $7,407

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Totally exceeded our expectations!  Our home has some unique needs due to its age and the fact that it has been added on to a couple of times.  Bird Family Insulation advised us not on product approach but consultative approach of the best way to handle different parts of the home to achieve the best outcome.  They can handle anything, but most importantly they are utmost professional and do what they say and great communicators in the process as well  They will be the only people to touch our home when it comes to insulation!!

 – Steve E., Atlanta

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