Are You Wondering If You Need Your Air Ducts Repaired?

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Apparently I don’t holler loud enough about the sad state of Atlanta’s air duct systems! Homeowners simply have no idea what bad shape so many of these duct systems are in.

I’ve written several articles about leaky, un-insulated ducts, as well as disconnected and damaged air ducts. Poorly designed air duct systems (for some reason) seem to have been the rave with some contractors. I see these systems all the time while I’m crawling under houses and climbing through attic spaces. Thankfully, it’s getting better in new construction houses.

You Don’t Have to Live With Poor Duct Performance

But more sadly, homeowners don’t realize we can dramatically improve their air ducts in about 3 hours! Heck, they don’t know they’re ducts are a mess, until I show them! They just know something isn’t right.

Using closed-cell spray foam insulation, we simply “coat” the entire duct system with a thick, monolithic layer of foam insulation. BOOM! INSTANT RESULTS YOU WILL FEEL!

You’re Immediately Rewarded With These TWO Incredible Benefits:

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality. We’ve sealed the ducts, so you’re only circulating the air being drawn out of your living space. NOT air being sucked from your unhealthy crawlspace or attic, and currently being pumped into your living spaces, (and into your lungs).
  2. Warmer Heat, and Cooler AC temps! That’s right, the airflow from your vents will be warmer heat, and cooler AC. This is especially true for air duct systems located in a vented attic. Get ready, it feels NICE!

And, in most cases, you immediately get Improved Air Flow* from your vents, because as we spray, we straighten-out kinky ducts, create graceful curves where a duct is pinched, squeezed, or u-turned, and cut excess. We simply hold the air duct in the position we want for improved airflow while we spray it with foam insulation, and because our foam dries immediately & permanently, your airflow performance is improved forever!

If we have complete access to your ducts, we should be able to seal & insulate them with our spray foam treatment.

Why suffer from poor performance with your air ducts? Have you got that $8000 equipment attached to an old set of ducts? You don’t have to suffer! Our average price for repairing air ducts with our spray foam treatment is $2700. It gets even better when bundled with our Attic or Crawlspace insulation upgrades!


*If your duct system is suffering from low Return air flow, sealing your ducts may not be possible until we install an ADDITIONAL DEDICATED RETURN VENT. We’ll know as soon as we evaluate your system, before our treatment. This is a small upcharge.

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