Are You Trying to Cool Your Attic with Leaky Ducts

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If you are the average homeowner, with an average house, with an average heating and cooling system located in the attic, the answer (sadly) is probably YES. New homes or older homes, we see duct leakage everywhere.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average house is leaking 30% of the conditioned air traveling through the ducts. In a 3 ton AC system (the most popular size), that’s almost a ton of AC… or 1/3rd capacity! It’s no wonder we have rooms and zones that are uncomfortable in our homes.

In my thermal image, notice the dark rings. Darker shade is cooler temps, while lighter shade is warmer temps. These are the collars (connections) where the supply ducts attach to the AC equipment. There were 7 connections on this system, and each one was leaking! This looks pretty average, and right in line with the government statistic.

Leaks in the return ducts wreak havoc on cooling too, because the system is sucking in super heated air from the attic, blending it with your conditioned air, and having to overcome the resulting rise in temperature. In a sense, as long as the AC is running, it is partially sabotaging itself, sucking hot air into the ducts, and having to overcome the heat gain. Talk about never getting a break!
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